Sunday, 10 February 2013

imPRESS Press-on Manicure Review

Last year I was given a pack of imPRESS Press-on Manicure nails in my goodie bag from the Company Fashion Forum. As I've never really been into false nails they were shoved in a box under my bed and never looked at again but today boredom took over and I decided to give them a try!

imPRESS nails are press-on false nails that last up to a week. Each nail has a sticky tab on it which you peel off then apply the cover over your own nail. The product contains 24 nail covers in 12 different sizes and a prep pad to smooth down each nail before application.

The first thing to note is I love the cute packaging! It's very neat and tidy and all the nails are inside a plastic case which looks like a nail polish bottle.

Once you open up the bottle there is a nail tray with five different nail covers, which you can lift out to find the remaining nails. So first thing's first..when I applied these I was a bit lazy and didn't bother with taking my existing nail polish off or prepping the nails (naughty!) I just got straight to it.

I matched up the different nail covers to my own nails to find the ones with the best fit then lined them up in front of me in size order. Starting with the pinky finger and working inwards to the thumbs I peeled off the sticky backing and pressed the nails on then applied pressure. It was so easy to apply and the glue tabs are really strong so the nails didn't feel loose at all. I did find the glue tabs a bit difficult to remove but that's just because they are so sticky so need a bit of tugging!

It was a little bit more fiddly to do my other hand but all in all the nails were so easy to apply and I'm pleased with the end result! These nails are short length so they feel really natural and comfortable. I thought they'd feel a bit strange and I wouldn't be able to type or get things done with them on but here I am typing away! As I said I didn't remove my nail polish before putting them on so you can see the pink colour through the transparent nail but these are meant to be a sheer natural colour.

imPRESS Press-on Manicure nails cost £8.99 from Boots and come in a ton of different styles. There is also a pedicure range. For more information see

Personally I wouldn't pay that much money for them purely because I never wear false nails and naturally have long nails so I prefer to let mine grow but I think these would be lovely for someone that does buy false nails, especially as they were so easy to apply and feel great on.

Have you tried imPRESS nails? What did you think of them?

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  1. These do look nice but I'm like you I don't normally wear false nails. Would be good for a special occasion perhaps though. Nothing worse than those really long ridiculous looking false nails! X


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