Sunday, 10 March 2013

my first experience with Origins skincare

This morning I took a break from uni work and was treated to a bit of pampering as I went along for a mini-facial and skin consultation at the Origins counter at House of Fraser, Nottingham. I've heard of Origins before but had never tried their products so was excited to learn more about them.

 The Origins counter in Nottingham is one of the older ones, I was told that some stores have very modern high-tech counters with touch screen facilities but I thought the older look of it made it seem very traditional like an old chemists!

So firstly I was sat down and hat a chat with the consultant, Nichola, about my skin type, the types of products I currently use etc. and she determined what would be the best products to use on my skin. Although I'm only 20 skin ageing is still a concern and my skin can also be quite dull at times so she chose products that would help to prevent lines & wrinkles.

I was then taken to the treatment room and given a lovely facial! Nichola was very friendly and informative about all the products she used and I felt so relaxed. My skin was cleansed and toned then exfoliated with one of their best selling products - Modern Friction, nature's gentle dermabrasion. This scrub contains rice starch and lemon to remove dead skin cells and signs of pores. My skin felt really soft afterwards even without moisturiser. Then she popped a moisturisng mask and eye mask on my face for about ten minutes and I nearly drifted off. Finished off with a lovely moisturiser.

Origins was founded in 1990, so it's still fairly new, and the great thing about their skincare is its all formulated with plant extracts and organic ingredients so its 100% natural! I was told all about the different ranges for certain skin types, including a Mega-Mushroom skin relief range for redness and sensitivity! I love using organic products as I know they won't be harsh on my skin.

After my facial all the products that were used were ticked off on a sheet so I knew exactly what was recommended for me and I was given some samples to take away and try at home.

I was recommended about six or seven different products for my skin and I wanted to buy them all! My favourite product had to be the Modern Friction, it costs £31 which is very pricey but I was told it will last at least two years. In the end I bought the Perfect World cleanser for £18. It is an antioxidant cleanser with White Tea so it will detoxify the skin while keeping me looking young!

My skin felt so lovely when I got home and when I applied my makeup it went on smoother than ever and looked really fresh.

The best thing about it all was if was free! Anyone can pop along for a facial at Origins - they do a ten minute facial in a private area of the counter or you can pay £15 to use the treatment room but that is redeemable against anything you buy.

Why not go along for a free facial! Have you used Origins products before? What do you think of them?


  1. Great review! Love all your photos! I got the Perfect World Cleanser aswell, its so nice! I want everything aswell though!! xx

  2. Love the photos, and I wouldn't even know where to start ha, I'd be trying everything xx

    1. They give you lots of mini samples to take away so it's definitely worth going in for a free facial :) xx

  3. Oh wow, I'd love to go there! i'd much prefer the more traditional 'Origins' counters than a High tech version :)) xx

    Gem ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. it was very nice it made me feel more comfortable and wasn't intimidating :) all the counters over free facial so it's definitely worth finding one xx

  4. How awesome! I wish Origins were more accessible in Australia. Found your blog via Monday Blog Hop :-)

  5. Wow it looks insane! I'd love to go there!

    Emma x

  6. I've read about the brand before and was really interested. I'm glad that it turns out that the products indeed are great! It also sounds like you've had a perfect treatment!

  7. I love this brand, just out of my price range! :( xx

  8. Love this post, really helpful as I’ve not tried some of these products. I’ll definitely be adding them to my shopping list! I’ve just done a review on Origins Checks and Balances Face Wash and United State Toner if you’d like to check it out –

    Monica x

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