Sunday, 14 April 2013

Nottingham Bloggers Meet Up!

Yesterday was the Nottingham Beauty Bloggers Meetup which I had been looking forward to for so long! I couldn't wait to see some of old faces again and meet new bloggers too! The day was put together by Sophia with help from Sophie, Jessie and Amiiee and it was amazing how much effort they'd put it in to organise it.

FOTD ready to leave for town!

Market Square was swarmed full of beauty bloggers and we spent most of the day shopping - although I was very good and restricted myself to only buying one thing, this ecocup from Primark to take my tea to uni in!

Shopping with some of the lovely bloggers!

Shopping in MAC - not sure the stores could cope with the amount of us in there!
Shopping in ARK - photo from Minty Essence
In between shopping we were divided into groups and taken over to the Kiehl's store for a champagne breakfast, skin consultation and opportunity to try some products out. I couldn't wait for this as I didn't have my skin tested when I went to the Bloggers event there in January. I spent some time chatting with the store manager Rachel and she suggested some products suitable for my skincare routine.

Photo from Abi

Hollie and Rhiannon having their skin consultations
After a long day of shopping we were all knackered and couldn't wait to sit down at TGI Fridays for the evening meal where we were given our amazing goodie bags! We were all so lucky to receive two goodie bags each - one absolutely huge one filled with goodies and another separate Liz Earle goodie bag.

My goodie bags and name tag at the meal

We were all so lucky to receive such amazing goodie bags and I'm very thankful to all the brands involved for their generosity! Sophia also ran some giveaways during the meal for some skincare, fake tan products and an Enrapture styler and I was lucky enough to win some Make Believe fake tan at the meal! (Can't wait to review this as I've never tried Make Believe before)

After an amazing day I couldn't wait to get home and rummage through my goodie bag (which I'll be doing a separate post about as there's too much to go through!) I met some lovely girls at the meetup and can't wait for the next one!


  1. Aw it looks and sounds like you had a fab day xx

  2. It was lovely meeting you! Boy... were we spoiled :D x


  3. Great meeting you love! What a fab blog you've got here!! xxx

  4. Such great goodies! Lucky you! We’re now following you via gfc :)

    Hope you visit us and follow back if you like!
    Win an amazing bag

  5. Was lovely to meet you briefly! :)
    Saadiya x


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