Friday, 12 April 2013

quirky phone cases!

Recently I got a new phone and since then I've been on the hunt for a cute or quirky case for it. At the time of getting my phone I was in a hurry to get a cover and protect so ended up paying £12 for a simple leather case - only to get home and find the exact same one (with a free screen protector, cleaning cloth, and stylus) on Ebay for £2! A lot of the cases in stores are overpriced and the best place for a bargain is the internet.

My favourite website for phone cases at the moment is Ohh Deer. They have a huge range of cases for IPhone and Samsung phones. But at £25 each they are a little pricey!

Here are some of the bargain covers I found on Ebay...

Have you find any cute phone covers online recently? Let me know which websites you're using!


  1. OOh these are really cute.... I am really liking this one -

  2. i love my disney stitch iphone case at the moment! its so cute..

    you can check it out on this post here:

    katy x

  3. I love the owl- very cute. My current case is kinda boring. I need a new one!

  4. Hi Natalie, Thanks for the very nice post. These are really cute phone cases. Love it.

  5. Such brilliant and decent options for us!

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