Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Review: Lee Stafford Blow Dry Your Hair Faster Spray

I was lucky enough to get this Lee Stafford product in my #NottsBBMeet goody bag. I guess the name is pretty self-explanatory, the Blow Dry your Hair Faster Spray is meant to help reduce the time it takes to blow dry your hair! A 200ml bottle costs £6.19 and is available from Boots. Sadly this "wonder spray" didn't do what it stated and actually made the condition of my hair a lot worse...

As you can see from the bottle the spray also claims to help detangle hair. After a little research on the internet it says it is also meant to protect your hair from heat, hold your style in place, and contain a great fragrance - brilliant!..right?

Firstly, to see whether the spray would actually reduce the time it takes to dry my hair I dried my hair on two different occasions - one with the product, one without - and timed how long it took.
I sprayed the product all over my wet hair (it comes out like a spritz rather than a mist or aerosol) then combed it through. The packaging also says that you can apply normal hair products over the top of it like serums or heat protection spray. It claims to help detangle hair but as I use a Tangle Teezer on my hair, which works brilliantly, I didn't really notice much of a difference. If you normally brush or comb your hair you may be able to see whether it does detangle it or not. It did smell nice though, I'll give it that much.

The packaging doesn't give any indication as to how much less time it is meant to take to dry your hair when using it, it just says it will reduce the time. Here's how I got on when I used it:

The results speak for themselves. The first day, when I blowdried my hair as normal, it took just over six minutes, and the day after, when I used the Lee Stafford spray it took five minutes. There was just over a minutes difference in the time it took to dry my hair but nothing drastic.

The other thing to mention is the packaging says that the spray will help to protect your hair up to the heat of 220 degrees. But after using it my hair felt very dry and frizzy. The ends looked frazzled and horrible, it felt bone dry and brittle all day. It's almost it went past the point of helping to dry your hair and completely drying it out completely, getting rid of any shine or moisture.

I don't like to complain about products or do negative reviews usually, especially as this was a gift which I am very grateful for! But I think this is more of a gimmic than a wonder spray.

I'd like to know if anyone else has used this and had better results?


  1. Glad I read this as I always consider buying this! Will be steering clear now!


  2. Glad I read this too! I was thinking about buying it because I saw a good review on a brazilian blog. Now I won't waste my money. :)


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