Thursday, 18 April 2013

Super Cheap Nail Art Brushes!

If like me you've seen the pack of nail art brushes in Topshop and were tempted to buy them - STOP! Why pay £7 for a pack of five when you can get 15 for £2.75?!

After seeing Topshop's nail art brushes I was very excited and the thought of finally being able to do some creative nail art (I only have a black nail art pen so colours are a bit limited). But before I committed to buying them I decided to browse Ebay first and just as I had expected they had loads at bargain prices.

Most sellers have the same pack of 15 brushes for different prices so your best option to find the cheapest price is to choose the 'Buy It Now' function (on the left hand side) then sort results in price from lowest to highest.

I got this pack for £2.75 with free delivery.  I love the cute pink handles and the fact each brush has a protector over it and it comes in a handy case. The set contains:

Do you have any nail art brushes? I'd love to see what designs and patterns you've made with them!


  1. thanks so much for this post! i've been looking for a cheaper alternative for ages!

    katy x

    1. they're such good value it's definitely worth getting them online :)

  2. I brought this set off eBay the other week but in white, am still yet to work through the sheer amount of brushes but am loving the ones I've used so far! X

    1. haha I'm still yet to work out exactly what each one does!


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