Thursday, 16 May 2013

So you want to work in Fashion?

Today I'm sharing with you a piece I did for my University magazine all about students wanting to get into the fashion industry! I spoke to four women, who've graduated from university, working in Fashion/PR to share their stories and top tips for students wanting to get into fashion. As a Journalism student I hope to get into Fashion or magazine work eventually and with all the competition at the moment it may seem like you're never going to make it but these girls are proof that there is work out there...

Jenny Smith
Graduated 2012. Fashion Promotion and Communication at Southampton Solent

Now works for...
PR and Marketing Executive for WatchWarehouse. My roles here include managing social media accounts, managing the blog, creating content for the company bi-monthly newsletter, organising events, contacting the press for product placements, attending press events, collating press releases and the list goes on!

How I got my job...
I interned at the PR Company CMJ Media based in Mayfair part time for six months with which I gained a job with one of their clients WatchWarehouse at the end of the internship. I started my full time role at WatchWarehouse at the beginning of the March 2013.

My advice to students and graduates...
My top tip would have to be to try and carry out internships whilst you are still studying at university. I found this hard myself as I always had a part time job to be able to fund myself but even if it’s a few weeks each year it really does help to give you some industry experience to talk about in interviews and stand out against others. I would also say that it is important to tailor your portfolio to the area of the industry that you wish to go into and to showcase a number of skills to show your employer what you are capable of.

Gozde Demirezen
Graduated 2007. Fashion Design with Marketing, Manufacture & Promotion at University of Huddersfield

Now works for...
Fashion Public Relations Manager for The Communications Store. My main responsibilities are media and client management – as well as contributing to growing of the agency and team operations. Day to day activity could vary from shooting next seasons’ look books, writing press releases, organising fashion shows or liaising with journalists for the next editorial opportunity. Working in a large Fashion agency means multi-tasking and time management is the key. Every client’s requirements and expectations from the company are different, it’s important to understand your client and identify their brand to go forward with their PR activity.

How I got my job...
I have been recommended by a recruiter for the position I am currently in and have been working in Fashion PR for the past 7 years.
My advice to students and graduates...
Fashion PR is a very restricted, limited, cut throat area of the business. You will HAVE to love what you do and do it with passion – otherwise not only you will hate it, you will also not get very far. It’s a bit of a rat race and it requires a certain personality to make it as a successful Fashion PR, I knew when I first started my degree I wanted to work in PR and I haven’t looked back. If you feel passionate about it and know 100% it’s what you want to do, don’t let anyone hold you back,  It’s those that shine and impress eventually get offered fulltime positions.

Lucy Hirsch

Graduated 2011. Textile Design at Central St Martins, University of the Arts London

Now works for...
I am the Account Executive at Radiator PR, mainly working on VIP relations for Eastpak, Gola + Liberty & Pioneer - gifting celebrities in return for tweet shout out &images of them in the product, recent placements have been Delilah / Lethal Bizzle / Dionne Bromfield / Jamal Edwards / Little Mix / K Koke. I also do product placement within the fashion media and secure coverage for brands I work on.

How I got my job...
was interning for 18 months after graduating in 2011 across different areas in fashion, including design work, PR & magazines to broaden my skills. I happened to bump into a friend whilst I was working in Topshop last year who had worked at Radiator and she passed my CV onto the Director. Next thing I had an interview for a junior role and got hired. I got hired in September 2012 and have been here for 7 months now. I was very lucky for this to happen though, but I worked very hard interning constantly, it paid off as they hired me due to my experience and personality. 

My advice to students and graduates...
Interning is the most important way for you to gain experience in the fashion industry, actually in any industry now! Never think you’re too good to intern, it won't get you anywhere and there is always someone ready to be taken on as an intern. Always work hard and take initiative, effort gets noticed! try and hold out at an intern for as long as possible, better to do 3 -6 months in one place as you gain more responsibility and are trusted to do the bigger jobs, if you’re hard working.

Stacey Beggs
Graduated 2010. Fashion Design at Northumbria University

Now works for...
Design & Graphic Assistant at Pia Rossini.  I am working mainly on the Resortwear collection, researching latest trends, new design ideas/prints & corresponding with suppliers. I am also responsible for graphics with includes the organising & managing of the A/W & S/S brochures including all the products of the company, developing designs & ideas for lookbooks, features & newsletters, to name a few.   My job entails working with different software such as Photoshop, Indesign & illustrator. Within my job role I get to work alongside Marketing, Web, Photography & Design but I mainly work with our lead designer Debbie Shaw. 

How I got my job...
I was very fortunate that I got this job shortly after I had graduated.  I applied for the job online however the position was for a fashion buyer but once I had my interview & they saw my portfolio I was offered the job of design & graphic assistant.

My advice to students and graduates... Keep your portfolio and CV up to date.Even though you may be fed up & exhausted from your final year of Uni start applying & looking for jobs straight away.  Everything is fresh in your mind & going for interviews will give you experience of what questions to expect. If you are finding it difficult to get work experience for your CV, apply for placements & internships.  I was fortunate to have a placement year in my degree course & this was one of the reasons I had got an interview for the position I am in, any experience is an added bonus.  I also developed my computer skills on different programmes I now use everyday, for example Photoshop,Illustrator & Indesign, that I hadn't had much experience in beforehand.

I hope you found these tips useful! As cringey as it sounds the best advice is to never give up!

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Superdrug haul: Revlon, Bourjois, Rimmel, Miss Sporty

This week's post is on some bits I picked up from Superdrug in their 3 for 2 cosmetics offer.

Firstly, the Revlon Skinlights Face Illuminator. The skinlights illuminator's were discontinued in 2006 but Revlon have now brought them back as part of their PhotoReady range. They come in three shades Bare Light, Pink Light, and Bronze Light. I chose Pink Light to brighten my skin! £11.99 each

I also picked up the Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation. I've read some great reviews of this and they've recently released a newer version with serum in but I chose this one as it's a little cheaper!

I found choosing a colour very difficult as I've never bought a Bourjois product before and the shades go from 51-55 so it didn't give me much indication! That's the thing I don't like about getting high street foundations as you always have to guess the shade and can't get it matched perfectly. In the end I settled for shade no. 52 - Vanilla

As you can see it is a little darker than my hand but it blends really well on my face so I think I picked the best shade!

I also picked up a second foundation in the 3 for 2 offer. This is because I have combination skin and I find that wearing illuminating or radiance foundations can make my skin very shiny and I need something for everyday wear when I have long days at uni! I tried the 16 hour foundation by Rimmel before and it was long lasting but still made my skin a bit greasy so I'm trying out the Stay Matte foundation this time.

Despite having pale skin and usually going for ivory shades I find the Rimmel Ivory far too pale for me so I got Soft Beige instead. I tried the Classic Beige before and that was too orange so if you're a bit of an in between skin tone like me, Classic Beige might be the right one for you!

Finally I bought the Miss Sporty Tan So Fine Bronzer in Light. This has been one of my favourite bronzers for a long time now, and I'm not usually a fan of some of the cheaper make up ranges! I've read some negative reviews of this before but I really do love this bronzer. It is similar to the Loreal Glam Shine Duo as it is two toned and the yellowy shade helps to neutralise the colour so it's a perfect shade and not too orange. Plus its a bargain!

Have you tried any of these products before? Have you been stocking up in the 3 for 2 offers?

Friday, 10 May 2013

My 21st Birthday!

I don't often do lifestyle posts but as it was my birthday this week I thought I'd do something different and share it! I turned 21 on Wednesday and had such a lovely day! I was a bit dubious about whether or not to do this post as some people think posting pictures of birthday presents can be boastful or just showing off but I'm in no way posting this for that reason - I just wanted to share my day with you all! Plus I'm a bit nosey and love seeing what other people got up to on their birthdays.

Unfortunately my birthday always falls at a stressful time and this year I had my dissertation due two days after, an essay five days after, and two exams to revise for! So it felt so nice just to take the day off from revision and relax. Also, all my uni stress explains why I haven't been posting much recently. I have so much I want to write about at the moment but my exams are my priority and when I finish uni in two weeks time (eek!) I will have plenty of time to bum around and blog!

Anyway! So on the Sunday my parents drove up to Nottingham from Surrey for the day with my sister and we had an early birthday celebration! We went out to Zizzi for lunch.

They also dropped some presents off which I weren't allowed to open until my actual birthday, but they let me open this one in front of them. It is a gorgeous charm bracelet and they also got me a heart and 21 charm to go on it! I love it and thought it was such an original idea as my Mum said she wasn't a fan of the Pandora charm bracelets and thought this would be more sentimental. Plus I can buy any gold charm off the internet and get it soldered on so I'm looking forward to building up a collection!

Then the next day my friends & I went to Hooters for dinner for all you can eat chicken wings! Eating there was quite an experience and it was on my bucket list to do before I finish uni so glad that one's ticked off. It was gorgeous weather so we all sat in my friends garden with a drink after and they surprised me with this birthday Alpen bar with a candle in (very healthy)!

Then on Wednesday it was my birthday! I woke up to some lovely presents and cards, my Mum also made me twenty one cupcakes to share with my friends!

A gorgeous memory book my sister made me!
Standard 21st memorabilia!

Necklaces from my friends. The left one is from Primark and the right one Topshop

Beautiful flowers from my boyfriend

My boyfriend also bought me a necklace & earring set and this lovely Satsuma body oil from The Body Shop!

I had a fantastic birthday and felt very lucky! I will be back to doing beauty posts very very soon and can't wait to get back into blogging properly again once uni is finished so keep your eyes peeled!

Sunday, 5 May 2013

I finally got a leather jacket!

One staple item that's been missing from my wardrobe for years has been a leather jacket! Yesterday I picked this one up from ZARA for £39.99 - which I thought was great price for a leather jacket anyway, let alone at ZARA's prices!

When I saw the jacket they only had one left! It was in a small which fitted fine but didn't do up well over my thick jumper. After a bit of wandering I found one in a medium under a pile of trousers (hence why its a bit crumpled!) and decided to get that one as it had a better fit.

I'm not entirely sure how to get the crumples out of it, I may hang it up in the bathroom I'm next showering or just leave it for the "vintage" worn look!

I'm pretty pleased with this purchase as the jacket is great quality and will be a good investment that will last me years!

Friday, 3 May 2013

Cosmopolitan Blog Awards 2013

I've just seen on Twitter that nominations for the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards 2013 went live today! If any of my readers or followers think my blog is worthy of an entry I would love for you to nominate me as Best New Beauty Blog.

You can find out more and enter online here: 2013 Cosmopolitan Blog Awards with Next

Thank you!

Works With Water Clear Skin Challenge: End of Week One

Hello! So this week I started an eight-week course of help: clear skin supplements by the company Works with Water and am documenting my progress each week (if you missed my introductory post you can read all about it here).

I've been taking them for seven days now and, as expected, I haven't seen much of a difference as results are only visible after 4-6 weeks of use, but here's how I've been getting on anyway...

The supplements are made from all natural ingredients: Praventin (lactoferrin milk protein), aloe vera, and oligofructose (soluble fibre). I'm not entirely sure how milk protein is meant to kill spots but if the packet says  it does I'm willing to believe them, I'll try anything! They are gluten free and suitable for vegetarians, diabetics and lactose intolerant people (again, not entirely sure as it contains protein but that could just be me being silly!)

As you can see the powder turns the water a little cloudy but it does clear up once it's dissolved fully. When drinking the supplements I honestly can't tell they're there at all, they have absolutely no taste and it doesn't give the water a funny texture like some other powders too which is great!

As stated before I haven't noticed any changes yet but the packaging does state that you need to take the supplement for 4-6 weeks. With long days at uni and exam stress coming on I'm not getting as much sleep and it is taking its toll on my skin so it's inevitable that I'll have a lot of breakouts this month. Since using the supplements I haven't had any new blemishes come up, so it obviously helps prevent them, but it hasn't healed my existing spots yet.

Thank you for reading, check back next week to see if there's been any improvements!
(sorry for the bad picture quality I had to use my phone today and I didn't edit so you can see the results in natural light)

Have you tried any kind of treatments or supplements to help your skin? Let me know!

Awards ceremony - Topshop dress

Hello! Just a quick post today. On Wednesday this week my university held the Nottingham Trent Students Union awards - a night to celebrate the work of some of the societies and volunteers. I am Fashion Editor for the university magazine, Platform, and we were up for two awards so I was lucky enough to get to go to the awards ceremony! I wanted to share with you all the dress I wore...

I was just going to re-wear an old dress but decided to get a new one! I ordered this purple dress from Topshop and absolutely loved it! Although Platform didn't win any awards (sob) it was still a great night and I had so much fun!
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