Saturday, 1 June 2013

Ginvera Green Tea Marvel Gel

I'm very excited to share this product with you today! A while ago I reviewed Ginvera's BB Cream, a brand I didn't know about until I received a sample in my Nottingham bloggers meet up goodie bag. Ginvera then contacted me thanking me for the review and said they had read through some of my skincare posts and asked if I would be interested in trying their Green Tea Exfoliating Marvel Gel, which I thought was such a lovely gesture as PRs often don't thank you or follow up from posts so it was lovely they'd actually read my blog!

Ginvera Green Tea Marvel Gel

The Marvel Gel removes dead skin cells, helping to eliminate and prevent blackheads. It stimulates the growth of new cells to prevent aging and make skin more radiant. I love natural products and am becoming more interested in skin aging prevention so couldn't wait to try it! I've heard about the benefits of Green Tea in skincare and love that this contained it.

Ginvera Green Tea Marvel Gel

It came in this lovely bag and translucent green box. It may be tempting to rip straight into the box but all the details and instructions were on it. On the side of the packaging are the 10 Benefits of the Marvel Gel:
  1. Rubs away deep layers of dead skin cells
  2. Rubs away blackheads painlessly
  3. Contracts pores for refined skin
  4. Lightens black spots and scars
  5. Removes oil seeds
  6. Regulates sebum secretion to prevent pimples
  7. Brightens dull complexion
  8. Changes dark, rough skin to smooth skin
  9. Evens out skin tone to give skin clarity
  10. Enhances quick absorption of skin care products
It almost sounds too good to be true but I was so so impressed by this product!

Ginvera Green Tea Marvel Gel
As the product is an exfoliator I was expecting it to be a scrub but it literally is a gel. You put it on to a dry face with dry fingers and massage it in. As you start you rub it in you can see parts of the gel start to form into little flakes and get to work on your skin. Straight from the first use my skin felt so much more smoother and clear and my moisturiser and makeup glided on easily after!

It is suitable to be used daily so of course I used it everyday and after about a week's use I noticed such a difference in the feel and appearance of my skin, it was a lot brighter and healthier. I cannot recommend this enough!

Ginvera Green Tea Marvel Gel

Ginvera Green Tea Marvel Gel

I'd say the only downfall of this product is that it doesn't last that long. I was using it twice daily so it only lasted me about two weeks, so if you want it to last longer I'd recommend only using it a couple of times a week.

The Marvel Gel is suitable for all skin types and I urge anyone to try it out! It costs £22 and you can buy it online here


  1. I have a sample of this to use and I can't wait to use it, I love the BB cream xx

  2. Wow! This sounds amazing!
    But knowing me I'd probably use this up far too quickly!



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