Monday, 29 July 2013

Lemongrass House Wild Mint Refreshing Foot Spray

Lemongrass House is a range of hand-made spa products from Thailand that use all natural ingredients. They're against animal testing and none of their products contain any parabens, sulphates, perfumes..or any other nasties! Now, don't ask me why, but there's something about Chinese/Eastern & Asian beauty products that I've found really interesting recently. I've taken to buying a lot of Chinese beauty products off Ebay, not only because they're so cheap but as they have a lot of great quality natural ingredients!

So I was very excited to try some new products from the Lemongrass House range. Lemongrass house produce a load of different bath & shower, face&body, hair care and even pet ranges! The thing I love about the Lemongrass range is you can buy either a pre-mixed product or even create your own with their range of aromas!

I recently got a few products from Lemongrass House: the Fig Tea body cream,  Lavender bath salts and (my favourite of their products so far) the Wild Mint Foot Spray.

I've loved using this spray during the recent hot weather! After a long day it would instantly refresh and perk up my feet, and I'd use it throughout the day to keep them fresh. It is invigorating, instantly cooling the feet and keeping them fresh all day. The mint essential oil is anti-bacterial, to keep feet clean, and the aloe vera and lemon extracts help refresh feet and bring them back to life! The foot spray costs £8.95 and is available online or in Lemongrass House's new UK store.


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