Friday, 30 August 2013

Soap & Glory The Firminator arm firming & toning treatment

The Firminator is a targeted firming and toning lotion for the arm area. With salicylic acid, smooth capsules, caffeine, kukui nut oil, elasticboost-a (yes, apparantly it's a real thing) and french algae complex it helps to revive the skin and improve it's tone, texture and appearance while helping to firm up arms.

This lotion takes away the time you spend scrubbing and exfoliating your arms in the shower! Just squeeze a tiny grape sized amount into your hands and rub it into your arms. There are tiny little beads in the lotion that dissolve as you massage them in.

This has improved the appearance of my arms, particularly the lumps and bumps on my upper arms, drastically and helped them to feel more toned. It doesn't firm as much as other products bust used in conjunction with specific arm exercises it can really make a difference. It goes without saying that the only thing that is really going to get rid of bingo wings is exercise, but to smooth out the appearance of skin this is an amazing product for your arms!

Soap & Glory The Firminator costs £11.39 for 125ml. Available at Boots.

Fake Bake 60 Minute Tan Review

I think I may have found my favourite tanning product! After hearing a lot about Fake Bake's 60 Minute Tan in the press I had to buy it for myself to see what all the fuss was about. I have never bought from Fake Bake before and have only used their instant wash off tan before, which was bought for me as a gift. Admittedly since then I have stuck to my faithful £3 St Moriz tan as my student budget couldn't stretch to some of the more expensive brands!

The 60 minute tan costs £24.95 from Boots. Admittedly I was a bit put off by the price tag and decided to hold off for a while, but on a trip to Tesco I saw that all their tanning products were reduced and most Fake Bake items had around £5 off so I managed to pick this up for £20 in the end.

The product comes in a spray bottle and comes with application gloves and a double sided tanning mitt. One side is velvety and the other is spongey - I haven't quite worked out what the velvet side is for yet and find it applies much better on the other side! I don't use gloves to apply fake tan as I find it can make it go quite streaky, but you can wear the gloves under the mitt to protect your hands.

What the product says...

"The longest lasting, most natural looking, ultimate fake tan just got even FASTER!
A revolutionary, express, self tan liquid which develops into a beautiful, natural looking tan in 60 minutes.  Easy to apply with our “shows where it goes” colour guide, the tanning agents - dihydroxyacetone and erythulose are activated upon contact with the skin. Accelerators speed up the development time and a golden glow can be achieved in an hour.
To achieve an even darker tan, there’s no need to re-apply, simply leave 60 Minutes on longerthen rinse off the colour guide to reveal the tan.
We do not recommend leaving on any longer than three hours. This light weight, fast drying formula is non-sticky and does not clog the pores."
The result...
I love this tan! The first time I used it I left it on overnight - the box says it doesn't recommend leaving the product on for longer than three hours but it didn't make much difference, the product just stopped developing after three hours so you can either wash it off then or leave it - and in the morning I had a nice natural looking glow. I'm used to wearing darker fake tans so was surprised at how light this than is, but I guess it is more of a one shade suits all tan and if you want something more intense it is best to go for a darker shade. Having said that you can easily build the colour up by re-applying it throughout the week! It's also perfect for first time tanners and people who are scared of fake tanning as the colour is so natural you don't need to opt for something light or for fair skin!

There was no dodgy fake tan smell and when I left it on overnight it dried quickly and there were no stained bed sheets either which was a huge bonus! The second time I used this tan I applied it in the morning and left it on for around two hours before washing off. I found this time a lot more of the product washed away in the shower and the tan wasn't as strong so if you like a darker tan I'd definitely recommend leaving it on longer!

My legs after applying Fake Bake 60 Minute Tan (this was before showering - the tan is tinted as a colour guide so you can see where you've applied it - once you wash the colour isn't as intense!)

Overall I'm really pleased with this fake tan and think it's perfect for last minute tanning! I love that I don't have to spend time applying it overnight when I'm tired and want to go to bed, I can just get up a bit earlier and apply it in the morning then leave it to develop while I potter around having my breakfast! It delivers a gorgeous natural colour making me look sunkissed without going over the top!

Have you tried Fake Bake 60 Minute Tan? Which is your favourite fake tan?

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Simple Blogger Event

Last Wednesday I went along to the Simple Beauty Bloggers Event at Kettner's in London to see the launch of their new products and learn about looking after your skin too! Here's what I got up to...

Upon arrival there was a nutritionist at the event making up smoothies and mocktails that were full of skin loving ingredients! You could either have a fruit, vegetable or dairy/nutty smoothie which were all delicious and the nutritionist told you the benefits of all the ingredients too! I went for a mango mocktail and berry smoothie. Yum!

After grabbing a drink it was time to have a wander around...

The Simple event was to celebrate their launch of three new products: the Kind to Skin+ BB Cream, Kind to Skin+ Illuminating Cream and Kind to Skin+ Protecting moisture cream.

As well as the beautiful decorations and displays of Simple products around, there were talks from brand ambassador Caroline Frazer on skincare and makeup tips, and from Anna Reich all about face yoga!

Anna chatting face yoga with the girls from Pretty Posh Oh My Gosh. Face yoga is essentially about exercising the face to help prevent wrinkles and sagginess! Rather than simply massaging the face you are using the muscles to keep skin energised.

I had a lovely evening and it was so great to meet some new bloggers! After all the excitement I got to leave with a goody bag full of Simple skincare products which I can't wait to try out!
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