Saturday, 14 September 2013

Primark Autumn Workwear Haul!

Hello! Some of you may already know, if you follow me on Twitter, that I have a new job! I am now officially a journalist after completing a Print Journalism degree at Nottingham Trent University and graduating in July. I am going to be a trainee reporter for my local newspaper and am absolutely over the moon! I will be starting my new job on Monday so went out and got myself some new smart clothes to wear and am so pleased with some of the things I picked up, which I thought I'd share with you...

Grey midi pencil skirt with velvet baroque detail £8.

Black blouse £8.

Navy blue shirt £9.

Burgundy red dipped hem shift dress £13.

Navy soft fabric blazer with anchor detail buttons and fold up sleeves £13.

While I was there I also picked up some basic shoes and argan oil for my hair!

Nude pumps £4 Argan Oil £2.50

I also thought I'd share with you this gorgeous diary I picked up from the Pound Shop! I love the floral design, it almost looks similar to Cath Kidston, it was a great bargain and will help keep me organised at work

Altogether I spent around £57 in Primark which is usually a lot for me but I recently bought myself some new work wear from ASOS when they had the 20% student discount and I managed to get a lot of similar things in Primark for half the price so as soon as my ASOS order arrives I will probably send a few things back to save myself a lot of money! All the items I bought are quite basic so they will make excellent wardrobe staples and I can mix and match things so they will last me a long time.

Have you picked up any Primark bargains recently? What are you buying for the change from Summer to Autumn?


  1. I'm desperate for some new workwear and have been meaning to go into Primark. Absolutely in love with the shift dress!xxx

  2. Great work staples! Congrats on the new job :)

  3. Love everything you got, especially the navy blue shirt!

    from Brigitte at // BreezeyBee Blog | BlogLovin'

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  4. That red shift dress is perfection. I'm obsessed with things I can just throw on that still look classy. Love your blog! Giving it a follow:)

  5. II really need to start going to Primark..
    Adela x

  6. wow wow wow wow red dress is amazing. It reminds me of one I saw in Topshop (I think) but a fraction of the price, I need to summon the energy to travel to my nearest Primark!

    Kassie -


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