Sunday, 2 March 2014

My mission to get fit for summer

Like every other woman on this planet, I made a New Year's Resolution to get fitter and eat healthier. For many,this is something they try and fail at year after year, however I had never made this a New Year's Resolution before as I knew I wouldn't stick to it - but this year I am determined to!

Invested in some new trainers!

I have always been a healthy weight so losing weight wasn't really an issue for me, I have just always eaten quite an unhealthy diet and not really bothered with exercise so I wanted to eat better, look after myself a bit more and tone up! My motivation is higher than ever at the moment as I have recently booked a summer holiday to Turkey in July so am determined to be in better shape by the time I arrive. My main focus is my stomach and I have never felt confident in a bikini so hopefully by July I will be summer-body ready!

Determined to look better in a bikini this year!

The first step I took towards getting a better body was joining a gym. I don't use the actual gym equipment that much as I get a bit self-conscious going in the gym but I have made an effort to go to classes around five times a week and start swimming as well.

Changing my eating habits
Secondly I've tried to stop eating so much crap!! I'll admit I am a carb lover and used to snack a lot as well but recently I have tried to cut out a lot of the wheat-heavy meals I used to eat like pasta and opt for salads instead. I usually have porridge for breakfast, a salad for lunch and soup with a bread roll for dinner before going to the gym.

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