Thursday, 6 March 2014

REVIEW: Laurens Way Darker than Dark Glam Tan

Laurens Way Darker Than Dark Glam Tan £19.95 250ml with free mitt

Before, directly after application, after showering the next morning

After all the bad weather we've been having recently my skin was starting to look very washed out and in need of a pick me up so I decided it was time to tan! This was my first time trying a tan by Laurens Way. Admittedly if I was in a shop this wouldn't have normally been my first choice as I know that pretty much every character from TOWIE now has their own tanning range and I do wonder if it's any good o if it's all just a gimmick or business venture of theirs. Having said that, I have seen Laurens Way featured on a lot of blogs and have read some really good reviews of it so I was looking forward to giving it a go!

Darker than Dark Glam Tan is the latest product in the Laurens Way range. I have a lot of fake tans in my collection and they all range in colours, during the Winter I sometimes go for a lighter shade but most of the time I like to use a darker colour as it means I don't have to faff around with regular application and building up a colour, I prefer to just apply it once and have a deep tan that I don't have to top up for about a week. I was a little worried about that 'Darker than Dark' would be wayyy too dark for my pale skin but it was actually the perfect shade.


The tan is so easy to apply, it comes in a pump spray bottle and I spritzed it straight onto my skin then rubbed it in with a tanning mitt (you can also spray it onto the mitt first and rub it in to your skin, whatever you find easier!) Personally, spray bottles are my favourite type of tan as I find mousses make my skin too dry and lotions can often be a bit sticky and take too long to dry. This tan didn't streak at all and the colour guide made it really easy to see where you were applying the tan and if you missed any patches. It also didn't take too long to dry which is always a bonus and I could put my pjs on and get into bed straight after!


Unlike some fake tans, such as St Tropez and Vita Liberta which are very brown, this had a golden olivey town to it which I thought helped add a nice glow to the skin. When I went into work the day after applying this someone actually asked me if I had been away on holiday (this is the first time that's happened since I started wearing fake tan!) which was a lovely compliment. If you like to have a dark tan this is perfect for you.

The tan lasted on me for about five days before it started to fade. I'm always pretty lazy when I fake tan and forget to moisturise after but it's really important you do because my skin started to go a bit patchy after a while. Overall I was surprised at how impressed I was by this tan and I am looking forward to using it again in the future. I can tell this will be my go-to tan for the summer! The only negative for me was that the white bottle did get a bit dirty after using it as some of the product sprayed onto it so I had to wipe it with a tissue after.

You can purchase Laurens Way tanning products from or from Superdrug stores.

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