Sunday, 23 March 2014

Sleek CC Cream and Eyebrow Stylist

This week I tested out the CC Cream and Eyebrow Stylist from Sleek Make Up. Sleek isn't a brand I often by from but I have read great reviews of their products so I was looking forward to trying them out.

Admittedly I'm still not entirely sure what the difference is between BB Creams and CC Creams (I have a feeling light CC Creams are slightly more like a foundation as they are a bit thicker and provide better coverage?) But this one helps to boost radiance and mattify shine. It contains Vitamin C and SPF 29 (I know, a bit of a random number!)

The cream comes in four shades: fair, light, medium and dark. I got light and was a little worried when I put some on the back of my hand that it might be a bit too dark but it was in fact the perfect shade for me. It was really bendable and provided medium coverage. I just applied a little bit to my face with my fingers and it covered up my blemishes instantly! This CC Cream costs £8.99

The dual-ended eyebrow stylist comes in three shades: light, medium and dark and comes with an angled pencil on one end and a brush on the other, to help groom brows into place. I love that the pencil is angled, it makes it so much easier to use as it follows your natural brow shape, and it is a really creamy, matte texture so looks nice and natural. Admittedly I am pretty lazy when it comes to my eyebrows and often worry that they will look odd if I fill them in, as I have very light eyebrows, but I was really impressed with this! It is such a handy tool to keep in your makeup bag and take on the go, plus it's great for just £5.99!

Here I am wearing the CC Cream and Eyebrow Stylist. As you can see it creates a really natural look but the products can easily be built up and used to create different looks! As it gets closer to summer I will be switching my foundation to CC Cream as it is a lot lighter and will hopefully let my skin breathe a bit more!

Have you tried either of these products before? What do you think of them?


  1. you look very pretty in this picture :) Lovely post <3
    Ana xo

  2. the shade range in the CC cream is slightly unusual!


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