Saturday, 8 March 2014

Primark Summer Haul!

Summer may be a long way off but the sun is finally starting to creep out and I am now counting down the days until my summer holiday (only 124 days to go...) I've now realised that booking my holiday early was in fact a big mistake because now whenever I go shopping I look at something and think 'that'll be perfect for holiday' and end up buying a load of stuff in advance, which has happened recently! I bought myself two news bikinis from ASOS and did a big haul in Primark today so I thought I would share with you some of the things I bought...

Beach towel £6, sunglasses £1 each, flip flops £1 Primark.

I don't actually own a beach towel as mine somehow got thrown away when my Mum had a huge clear out when I moved home from uni so I thought I would get myself one. I always buy myself cheap sunglasses from Primark rather than investing in a decent pair as they usually end up getting lost, broken or covered in sand so I bought myself two pairs today and I thought these flip flops were really cute and perfect for wearing by the pool.

Sandals £12.99 ASOS
These sandals are not only gorgeous but they are so comfortable and really practical. It can be difficult walking in flip flops when you're going on a long walk or round the town but these sandals support your feet and are so easy to walk in. They have elasticated straps so they don't rub on your feet and the crossover straps are a cute detail.

Shorts £4 Primark
These shorts are a really thin material so they are nice and loose and easy to move around in, perfect for the warmer weather! They are really great value and I will be popping back to Primark soon to pick up some more designs as they are so comfortable.

Bikini £4 Primark
On to the bikinis! I must point out that finding a bikini is always really difficult for me as I have never felt confident wearing one because I am very small busted, but I am really happy that I have managed to pick some up this year that fit me really well. Primark have some great bikinis in at the moment so go and check them out if you haven't already. The first one I picked up was this bandeau set and it was only £4! I love the colour and the aztec print.

Bikini £10 Primark
I also picked up this navy crochet bandeau set which was £10 (£6 for the top and £4 for the bottoms). Bandeau tops aren't always that flattering on me but I prefer them for sunbathing in.

Bikini £15 ASOS

I also picked up this pink crochet triangle bikini from Marie Melli at ASOS. Triangle shaped tops are more flattering for small busted women as it gives the illusion of shape and I love the bright colour of this one.

Bikini top £9 ASOS
Last but not least I bought this halter bikini top from ASOS. The thing I love most about this is I could actually order it to my bra size rather just Small, medium, large or 8,10,12 etc so it fits perfectly and the moulded cups don't make me look entirely flat chested when I wear it! The black colour is a bit plain but the shape of this is so flattering, I can't wait to wear it to the beach and it will be a lot more practical for swimming in!

Have you picked up any summer purchases recently? Leave links below so I can check out what you have all been buying!

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  1. The Shorts look so pretty! I've seen some really good things in Primark recently, I really need go and pick some bits up soon :) xx


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