Tuesday, 22 April 2014

April Love Me Beauty Box Review

This month's Love Me Beauty box caught my eye when I saw someone posted a picture of it on Instagram recently. I don't usually buy beauty boxes as I am trying to save my money and I have only bought one before - the Latest in Beauty Glamour Edit box - but I think they are a great idea. After reading a couple of reviews I decided to get this for myself as it is such good value for money and I knew I would get good use out of all of the products.

So for £10 this box came with...

  • Neal & Wolf Daily Cleansing Shampoo (full size). I love Neal & Wolf products as they smell amazing and make your hair soft and shiny. I think this shampoo costs around £7 on it's own.
  • Models Own nail polish in Fuzzy Peach (full size). This is worth £5 on it's own and I love the peach colour - perfect for summer!
  • Redken Colour Xtend Conditioner (30ml). Redken is an amazing haircare brand and this conditioner will come in very handy for my summer travels as I won't have to carry a huge bottle around with me. There is plenty for me to get a few uses out of it. I don't actually colour my hair but my blonde hair often fades and I sometimes use products for coloured hair to keep it looking bright.
  • Betty Hula Anti-Ageing Wonder Oil Rollerball (10ml). I am a big fan of facial oils and it seems like they are very popular at the moment as I got a Balance Me mini rollerball in my Latest in Beauty Box, however, although everyone raved about it I have to admit I didn't like it that much and ended up giving it to someone else because it made my skin so greasy! Hopefully it isn't the same case with this. I have never heard of Betty Hula products before so I'm looking forward to giving it a try.
Last but not least I got a £25 gift card for Hello Fresh! - a weekly recipe and ingredients box - this made me very excited as I have been looking at their service for a while and I can't wait to try it out. I often get stuck for recipe ideas and can't wait to put this voucher to good use.

All in all I thought this month's Love Me Beauty Box was excellent value for money and a lovely treat for the end of the month! You can subscribe to Love Me Beauty box here with plenty of different subscription options.


  1. Man that box looks awesome!! That polish looks lovely!!

  2. I was thinking about treating myself to this and you'v sealed the deal for me, I love Neal and Wolf so this shampoo will pair nicely with my harmony treatment (I really recommend it if you've not tried it before!)

    I'll definitely be placing an order!

    Jenn | PhotoJennic


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