Saturday, 19 April 2014

Summer Preparation: The sun cream.

When it comes to sun cream I'm one of those people that runs to the shops and buys a new bottle of it every time the first peek of summer comes as I forgot there is already a half-used one in my cupboard. So naturally over time I have developed a collection of different sun creams and am now well prepared for my summer holiday to Turkey this year!

I prefer to use separate sun creams for my face and body as my skin in quite blemish prone and sun cream can often clog my pores. For my face I use Piz Buin radiant face cream, which helps stop the skin drying out in the sun and is also non-comedogenic and sweat and water resistant, and Apivita suncare, which comes in both a tinted and un-tinted formula so if you want a little coverage it is perfect to wear out and about during the day!

As for the body I always go for a high factor at the start of my holiday then gradually drop down - my skin is extremely fair and burns very easily! I recently picked up the Lancaster cream from TK Maxx, which helps to firm the skin and supports tanning while protecting it, and two cans of sun mousse.

Sun Mousse has a light moussey texture that's easy to apply and non sticky. It comes in a range of factors and has high factors for kids too. I picked up the SPF 30 and 20. I tested this out on my skin and absolutely love it! Finding the perfect sunscreen with all the right elements can be a challenge. Greasiness, harsh chemicals, constant application are  just a few of the things which cause many to shy away from staying protected. Enjoying the sun should be effortless. The constant worry of re-applying sunscreen after a swim in the pool, rubbing of sand caused by greasy residue and concerns of reactions can turn a holiday into a nightmare.

You just shake the can and tip it upside down to disperse the product and out comes a light whipped mousse! When you apply it on the skin it does feel a bit more creamier so it takes a bit of rubbing in for it to be absorbed but it left my skin feeling incredibly soft and wasn't sticky at all. I can't wait to take these on holiday as they are so quick to apply and will be perfect for topping up my protection throughout the day and popping in my bag to take out and about with me. Sun Mousse costs £19.99.

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