Saturday, 20 September 2014

OOTD: Motel Rocks Jumpsuit

Ok I am slightly nervous about this post! Ever since I started my blog I have mainly written about beauty but this week I started to get more motivated and decided I wanted to incorporate more fashion into my blog - mainly outfit posts. I love looking at everyone else's OOTD pictures on blogs and Instagram and often wished I could do them myself but there were two things stopping me; 1. I didn't have anyone to take pictures for me and 2. I wasn't sure how to make them look "right". So in a spur of the moment decision on my lunch break at work I decided to go to Argos and get myself a tripod and a remote for my camera  - both were relatively cheap and so easy to set up and use! So that solved one problem. As for not knowing how to make the pictures look good, well I'm just going to go for it and I know the pictures won't come out great just yet but practice makes perfect. So here goes!...

Jumpsuit - Motel Rocks
Shoes - Primark

I spotted this jumpsuit on Motel Rocks a while ago but decided to save my money and didn't get it. Then I noticed it was in the sale last month so I snapped it up at the bargain price of £19!

Remember you can get 20% off at Motel Rocks with my discount code 'nataliegarland'. Enjoy!


  1. You look really lovely! I wish I was more brave to post more outfit posts on my blog. Love the colour of the jumpsuit too, so different to anything I've seen. xx

  2. Jumpsuit looks great on you Natalie! I need to invest in a tripod, can't always rely on the Mr to take my snaps ;)

    Hanh x | hanhabelle

  3. I was always sad that my body just wasnt built for jumpsuits - I look like a clown in one of those... But it looks great on you, love the color!


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