Wednesday, 14 January 2015

LIFESTYLE: My picks for evening & night time running.

SportsShoes hi-viz running clothes and NIKE trainers

One of my New Year's resolutions, like many other peoples', was to do more exercise. I enjoy going to the gym and doing group fitness classes but something I really want to do more of is running. I love being outside in the fresh air plus it is one of the simplest and easiest calorie burners that you can take entirely at your own pace.

Because I work long hours during the week I am very limited on time and can usually only running at the weekends, when it is light. But I am determined to fit in a quick ten-minute run in the evenings when I get home from work.

Many people, including myself, might be put off running in the evenings because it gets dark so quickly at the moment. But I have recently stocked up on some new running gear that keeps me warm and means I can be seen by drivers and other runners or pedestrians.

Clockwise from left: Nike dri-fit running top £29.99, Nike Zoom Pegasus running shoes £66.49, Karrimor reflective jacket £9.99, Karrimor headband £4.99

Firstly I invested in a new pair of running shoes from . It is a specialist running and fitness wear retailer and stocks pretty much everything from clothing to accessories at great prices from leading brands. Some websites that stock a lot of products can be very difficult and time-consuming to trawl through and it can be hard to spot something you like, but the thing I love about SportsShoes is that, rather than there just being a Men or Womens section, there are lots of different categories and even a special Hi Viz & Night Running section so you can find exactly what you need quickly! Plus the website has a Price Beat Promise so you can get some great deals and some items will be cheaper than elsewhere.

I chose the Nike Zoom Pegasus women's running shoes. These retail for £94.99 but were only £66.49 from SportsShoes! I went for these as they cushion the feet and have great ankle support for running. Plus they have a reflective mesh so you can be seen outside in the dark!

NIKE trainers

I also got a Nike Dri-Fit fleece running top (£29.99 instead of £59.99). Dri-Fit works to wick moisture and sweat away from the skin to keep you drier and comfortable when running. This fleecy top keeps me nice and warm when it's cold outside and the high cowl neck keeps my neck warm too. It has a little drawstring toggle on the back so you can adjust it. This top is so soft and is one of the most comfortable things to run in, I would recommend this to anyone!

My next purchases were from Sports Direct. They have a huge sale on at the moment so you can pick up some great bargains. I got myself a pink reflective running jacket which was £9.99 (reduced from £49.99! bargain!) and a reflective headband for £4.99, reduced from £9.99. The Karrimor jacket is very lightweight and breathable so I can layer up and just wear this as a thin layer on the top. You can pop it on over anything so you can be seen in the dark and it has two pockets if you need to store keys or your phone.

I also got myself the headband as my ears often get cold when I run so I can just pop this on and tuck them in! Plus it keeps my hair back and out of my face.

SportsShoes hi-viz running clothes

Do you do a lot of outdoor running? What are your favourite things to wear to keep fit in?

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