Thursday, 1 January 2015

New Year's Beauty Resolutions & A Look Back at 2014...

Happy New Year everyone! Oddly it doesn't actually feel like a new year for me and I feel like the year was only just getting started halfway through 2014 so instead of starting afresh I'm picking up where I left of. 2013 was a very big year for me (I graduated, got my first graduate job as a journalist, started a relationship and my blog was shortlisted for the Cosmo Blog Awards) so when 2014 came around last year I thought it would be pretty hard to top it. Nevertheless it was successful and I  made some accomplishments! Mainly joining a gym and actually going, progressing at work and feeling a lot more confident in my role, continuing my blog, going on a wonderful holiday and taking better care of my money.

I got to interview Jacqueline Wilson this year, my favourite childhood author!

    So, I have set myself a few New Year's Resolutions for 2015...

    • Get more sleep - I am guilty of being exhausted in the day but, instead of going to bed early just staying up on my laptop and feeling awful the next morning! A good night's sleep makes for good looking skin the next day.
    • Clear out my make-up bag and wardrobe - If anything is starting to look a bit worse for year I am going to chuck it out and start afresh. Some of my products have been festering in my bag for well over a  year.... clumpy mascara, ew. My wardrobe is also brimming to the seam so I need to be ruthless.
    • Read more books - This sort of links to the first resolution as I like to read before bed to help me drift off, but I rarely read anymore and want to get back into it.
    • Be healthier and do more outdoor running - In 2014 I enjoyed going to group fitness classes at the gym and I am going to try and increase these this year but I also want to improve my running too. I love to get out in the fresh air and have been enjoying going to parkrun (A free weekly 5k event) so I am going to keep this up too!
    What have been some of your accomplishments in 2014? Have you set any New Year's resolutions?..


    1. Congrats on such a successful year! Reading more books is one of my resolutions this year and clearing out old make up is always a good idea. Hope you have a fab 2015! x

      Beth // Bethany Georgina

    2. I definitely need more sleep, I'm a nightmare for staying on my laptop then seeing that it's midnight. Can't believe you met Jacqueline Wilson, I used to read all of her books!

    3. Happy New Year! I want to do some more reading as well x

    4. Im with you on getting more sleep! Its so easy to fall into a bad routine

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    5. The fan girl inside me almost screamed when I saw your picture with Jacqueline Wilson! I was absolutely OBSESSED with her when I was younger. What did you study in university? What do you think of being a journalist? I'm in my first year doing English Lit and I feel a bit directionless. I considered journalism a while back but I got the impression you need certain characteristics (plus the journalists I spoke to from my local newspaper were a bit unfriendly).

      I share most of your resolutions. I'm a night owl and never want to go to sleep but I regret it the entire day and fall asleep constantly. I know I should clear out my makeup bag and wardrobe but I can't bring myself to be as ruthless as I know I should be. My wardrobe is getting ridiculous- I don't wear at least half of my clothes.

      Loved this post- thank you for linking me up on twitter :) Following you now (of course)
      Julianne //

      1. She was one of my favourite authors as a child so it was wonderful to meet her! She is lovely and very passionate about her writing.
        I studied Print Journalism at university. I love my job although it can be challenging and stressful at times Where do you go to university? I think there are plenty of options and you have time to think about it, I was always so worried about getting a job when I finish while I was still at university when really I didn't have to worry until I had actually graduated - plus most people change their minds about their career once they graduate!


    6. Im with you on getting more sleep! Its so easy to fall into a bad routine
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