Friday, 9 January 2015

W7 Africa Bronzer - a Benefit dupe?

When it comes to beauty products I am a sucker for cute packaging and design so this little bronzer box from W7 ticks all the right boxes for me! I saw a few reviews of Africa pop up online and heard some bloggers compare it to the Benefit box o'powder blushes so I thought I would try it out for myself...

W7 describe Africa as a multi-bronzing face powder for an all year round summer look. So firstly the packaging, as this is what caught my eye! Africa comes in a small black 8g box with a lift off lid. Inside is a plastic tray containing a small brush, which can be lifted out, and underneath reveals a leopard print pattern of bronze, a darker brown and shimmery pink. There is a picture of the design on the bottom of the box as well as the ingredients.

The boxes are very similar to the Benefit blushers although I find the lid does come loose sometimes so I have to pick it up from the bottom or else it falls off. The brush is very soft and has cute pink dip-dyed ends, but I always prefer to use my own larger brushes so don't bother using this one!

Onto the product itself, the first time I used this my brush picked up mostly the dark brown colour and it didn't sit right on my skin. The powder feels quite thick to touch in the box so the brush doesn't glide across as smoothly. However, using a different brush I managed to swirl it around a bit more and it picked up more of the pinky colour. It does come out quite bright and shimmery so, although this is meant to be a bronzer I found I could only use it on my cheeks as it looked more like a blush.

It does look nice on the cheeks and is quite pigmented. I wouldn't really say it gave a 'summery' look as the colour was quite bold and had a warm-tone, which I think would be more suited to a night out.

Overall this product wasn't quite what I was expecting and I wouldn't say it is an exact dupe for Benefit as I don't think it has the same quality or soft colour, however, for a fraction of the price you can't complain! W7 Africa costs around £3.49  whereas Benefit blushers cost £23.50. I don't think this is a face powder I will us regularly and I may have to wait until the summer when I will hopefully have a bit more of a tan on my face! But I am still a huge fan of the packaging and think this is really good value for what you get.

W7 have a great range of bargain makeup and although I wasn't overly sold on this product I am looking forward to trying out some of their different boxed powders! I am also a huge fan of their mascaras (especially Lashtastic). W7 can be purchased from Asda, selected Next retailers, Xtras and Fragrance Direct. A full list of stockists can be found on their website here.

Have you used this face powder before or tried out anything else from W7? What did you think?


  1. Kind of disappointed with the packaging and the quality so totally agree with you on that one. Great post!

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