Saturday, 7 November 2015

Passionata teaches me a lesson in bra fitting

For years I have read articles about how a certain percentage of women aren't wearing the correct bra size, how important it is to get fitted, etc... but frankly, I usually just ignored them because I assumed I was wearing the right size! Admittedly I had never been for a bra fitting in my entire life, I just guessed, and as my bras seemed to fit me I didn't see what the issue was.

Then Passionata invited me for a fitting so I thought 'why not?'! I popped along to my nearest concession at my local House of Fraser store on my lunch break and was looked after by their fitter, Sarah. After taking a few measurements I was surprised to find out I was actually a cup size bigger and band size smaller than I had thought - while this isn't a major difference in measurements it made a huge difference in terms of the fit and comfort of bras I tried on. I was also talked through how certain styles of bra are more suited to different clothing - for example, balconette bras work with boxy tops with square necklines.

Passionata refer to their service as a bra fitting rather than measuring because it is all about trying on different shape & style bras and finding the ones that feel most comfortable for you. I was also surprised to learn that bras should always be worn on the loosest hook and gradually tightened the more you wear them, as the elastic wears down. This confirmed for me that I had been wearing the wrong bra size all my life as all my bras have been worn on the tightest hook!

In the short space of time I was with Passionata (like I said, this was all done in my lunch break!) I felt like I had learnt a lot and was ready to replace my underwear drawer! As a thank you, Passionata kindly sent me an underwear set in the post afterwards - I chose the 'Let's Play' set. The bra fits perfectly and is very comfortable to wear, I almost forget I'm wearing it!

For anyone worried about getting a bra fitting because they think it will be awkward I urge anyone to get it done! I felt so comfortable and relaxed throughout the whole process and it was extremely beneficial. Thank you Passionata!

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