Saturday, 6 February 2016

Homeware Wishlist

Homeware Wishlist

For those of you that don't know yet, I moved house at the end of last year! In October I started a new job in London so in December I made the move up to London with my boyfriend and we moved in to our very own flat in Streatham! As a child I always thought I was really boring because I had never moved house before and had lived in the same place my entire life - but moving has made me grateful that I never had to go through that experience as it was definitely more stressful than I imagined! Still - here we are a few months later and I am fully settled and happy in my beautiful new home. I will be doing a blog post soon about our big move and showing you around my new place - but for now here are a few things I am lusting over....

Speakers. We have been coping with a tiny radio in the kitchen blasting out Magic FM while we've been cooking dinner but I can't wait to upgrade and get a decent pair of wireless speakers where we can use Bluetooth to sync music from our phones! I love these new Hi Fi speakers from Panasonic.

Art work. Our walls are looking very bare so we need to fill them with some pictures and paintings to make it feel more homely! I have seen some great websites that do prints of maps of London, like I know this Great Little Place in London.

A new bed. We got our bed second hand so, on the positive side, it was free, but the downfall is that it is very old and not sturdy at all! I'm hoping to save over the next few months to get a nice, white wooden framed bed. I've seen some great cheap ones in Ikea but will need to look around to find the perfect one.

Coffee table books. My latest obsession! We got a beautiful white coffee table second hand from Gumtree so I have been laying out books and magazines to read. My sister bought me the Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual for Christmas so that is out on display as well as some travel books for holiday inspiration! I'm also loving Urban Outiftters' homeware section and their range of books. Our flat is entirely hard wood floor so I we also need to get a nice fluffy rug as the floor gets so cold!

Keep an eye out for my moving house post coming soon and if you have any recommendations for cheap homeware shops let me know in the comments!

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