Monday, 23 May 2016

Bondi Sands Fake Tan - Worth The Hype?

Bondi Sands Dark Lotion

I have tried a LOT of different fake tan brands over the years. As much as I would love to be one of those "embrace your natural pale" kind of girls it just doesn't suit me. I'd like to be an English Rose with fair skin and light hair but my natural skin tone is more of a pasty white with a hint of looking slightly unwell (I get the "Are you feeling ok? You look awful" question a lot. Even when I'm wearing makeup).

Putting on a light layer of fake tan gives me an instant confidence boost and transforms my skin. Unfortunately self-tan has a bit of a bad reputation for making people look fake but with the right shade and amount of product it can add a natural, healthy glow.

Depending on my budget I am a regular user of Cocoa Brown, Vita Liberata and good old St Moriz - but when I saw the beautiful Lydia Elise Millen posting about Bondi Sands on her social channels, and looking incredible wearing it, I wanted to try it out!

The Bondi Sands range consists of a mousse, lotion, mist and gradual tanning milk. There is also a Liquid Gold Self Tan Dry Oil, which is the product Lydia recently posted about, however, after searching in my local Superdrug I recently realised it is exclusive to Boots! So I opted for the Dark Self Tanning Lotion (£14.99) instead.

Bondi Sands is an Australian brand and its self tanning lotion is infused with Aloe Vera and coconut oil, with a coconut scent. Its description states it is lightweight and dries in seconds to reveal a natural tan. So here are my thoughts...

The Scent
First up - let's talk about the smell. The lotion is meant to be coconut scented but it isn't OVERLY cocnutty, it's very light and pleasant. As the lotion is being applied the smell isn't particularly overpowering but after application I did notice the strong, fake tan smell. A lot of people claim this doesn't have the usual biscuitty fake tan smell but I did notice it, particularly when I left it on overnight.


I LOVE the colour of this fan. It is a dark, golden brown that looks very natural. Although I am naturally very pale I always use a dark fake tan and people often say they can't notice I'm wearing fake tan because it looks so natural.

On my first application I left the tan on overnight and washed it off in the morning, however, I did notice a lot of the colour came off in the shower. I have now started using an extra layer during application so the colour lasts a bit longer.

Lasting Power

As with most fake tans, I noticed the colour was quick to fade from my face - but this often can't be helped with the amount of scrubbing I do! In terms of my body this product faded really nicely after around a week and didn't go patchy or streaky at all. I was really impressed with how long it lasted on my legs and arms.

Best of all, it didn't dry my skin out and didn't transfer onto my clothing or bed sheets.

Overall I am really impressed with Bondi Sands and it has fast become one of my favourite tanning brands. I would recommend it to anyone and look forward to trying out other products in the range.


  1. It was anything but difficult to apply to my legs in straightforward upwards feeds and it was clear to see where Id been and where regardless I expected to continue applying. I discovered my arms, neck and shoulders somewhat more trickier as there are more niches and crevices. This item dries super quick so you should be speedy - particularly on the off chance that you are just needing to apply one layer. I even brought the Bondi Sands back tool yet what a mission that was, obviously I would only hubby to tan my back next time

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