Monday, 30 May 2016

The Holiday Countdown...Starting the TeaPigs Two Week #MatchaChallenge

We've all been there. We live in hibernation during the freezing cold weather then one day the sun starts shining, you look in you diary and all of a sudden it's four weeks until your summer holiday and you are far from ready to bare all in a bikini. While I don't believe in crash dieting and try to eat healthily and keep up a good level of exercise throughout the year, I am guilty of indulging in sweet treats and often skipping gym classes because I'm "too tired" after work.

In just over three weeks I will be jetting off on holiday so I am upping my exercise regime and trying to make healthy switches in my diet - like adding in more protein and veg and getting rid of nasty carbs. I am also trying to cut out my regular cups of tea with sugar and swapping it for green tea instead.

I recently discovered matcha green tea - a Japanese tea that is made from green tea leaves and ground to a powder. It is super strong and is said to have ten times the nurititonal value of regular green tea.

Teapigs has introduced an entire matcha range including the tea powder, pre-bottled cold green tea drinks and handy on-the-go sachets!

They kindly sent me some tea from the range to take part in the two-week #MatchaChallenge (drinking matcha every day for two weeks). I will be trying it as a drink and adding it to smoothies, yoghurts and porridge to see if it makes a difference to my energy levels! Stay tuned to see how I get on...

Oh and if you are a fan of matcha make sure you check out Tombo cafe in London. It recently ran a six- week pop up in Liberty and it will be opening a new cafe in South Kensington in June. I went along to the Liberty pop up and tried out a matcha juice, brownie and cake (all delicious!) so am very excited about the launch of the new cafe (hello matcha ice cream!).


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