Thursday, 18 August 2016

Should You Get A FitBit?

Wearable fitness trackers are an increasingly important part of workouts at the moment as people are becoming more interested in the exact length of their workout, calories burnt and peak fat burning zone. But do they actually make a difference to your workout? And are they worth the price tag?

With so many different fitness trackers on the market there are plenty of options to choose from. I recently tried out the Fitbit Charge HR (£119.99) - a wristband that monitors heart rate as well as daily step count and fitness activity.

Some of its key functions are...
  • Tracks steps, distance covered, calories burned, floors climbed, active minutes and heart rate
  • Simplifies heart rate into coloured zones so you know where you should be aiming for 
  • Automatically recognises when you start exercising (or you can just hold down the button on the side to start recording) and logs details in the FitBit phone app 
  • Doubles up as a watch and you can set up caller ID from your phone
  • Tap the button on the side to easily view your updated progress
  • Monitors your sleep 
  • Syncs wirelessly to your phone
  • Battery life of up to five days
What was it like using it?
  • The FitBit itself is very quick and easy to set up, as well as the mobile app. Once I started wearing it I found it was very lightweight so I didn't feel like I had it on, although it was subconsciously in the back of my mind which helped me to stay motivated
  • One of the big questions people ask about fitness trackers is how accurate they are. As someone who is sat at a desk typing all day, I worry that it will count my wrist movements as steps when in fact I haven't moved at all. Luckily I found that the FitBit is very accurate and didn't add on any rogue steps!
  • One of the most interesting features for me was looking at my sleeping pattern and monitoring how much sleep I got each night
Did it help me stay motivated?
  • Yes! Sometimes I can get lazy and not be as active as I should be - but without actually being shown how lazy I'm being and the effects of it it is easy to ignore! FitBit sets you a daily step goal and by looking at the wristband throughout the day you know how near or far you are to that goal
  • I found I was encouraged to make even the smallest of changes to my daily routine to help increase my daily steps - walking up the escalators, getting off the bus a stop early and going for a walk on my lunch break
  • When you hit your step goal the FitBit will buzz a couple of times on your wrist and you get a notification on your phone so you can do a little celebratory dance inside! You also get notifications your completing a continuous streak of exercise so it motivates you to carry on exercising in the long run.
Overall I think FitBit's are a great investment and well worth the money! Have you tried any fitness trackers? Let me know your thoughts!

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