Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Death by Chocolate Dipping Sauce

After National Chocolate Week last month, closely followed by National Chocolate Day, I was super excited when the lovely people at Thomas J Fudges continued the celebrations and asked me to create my very own 'Death by Chocolate' dipping sauce to accompany their delicious chocolate Florentines.

The milk chocolate florentines from the Dorset-based bakery are an amalgamation of nuts, chocolate, dried fruit and caramel. They are truly lavish and indulgent with a mixture of flavours so I wanted to create a rich sauce to complement it nicely.

I created two different dipping sauces - orange and caramel - using food flavouring and dark chocolate from the Grenada Chocolate Company. I simply melted the chocolate in separate bowls, added a dash of orange to one and caramel to the other!

Visiting my parents back home in Surrey for the weekend was the perfect opportunity to put them to the rest and we enjoyed dipping the florentines in the caramel chocolate during an afternoon coffee and the chocolate orange sauce as a pudding! I had a lot of fun experimenting with the flavours and they were a huge success - thank you Thomas J Fudges!

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  1. How did I not know it was national hot chocolate week?! I think I'm making up for it now, I've had 3 cups today haha! In all seriousness that hot chocolate looks so amazing!

    Sophie | www.imsophiedee.blogspot.co.uk


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