Saturday, 31 December 2016

Lush Sale Haul

Is it too early to talk about Lush-gate? If you took a break from social media (and the internet in general) over Christmas you may have missed that hundreds of thousands of people queued online to try and access Lush's sale on Boxing Day this year, resulting in lots of abusive tweets and Lush's customer care team working overdrive to try and respond to peoples' comments and questions about when their orders would be arriving. I decided to stay away from the madness and camp out on the sofa eating Ferrero Rochers instead. So I was pretty sure that the sale had come to an end completely, however, when I went into Basingstoke to meet up with a friend this week I was delighted to see they still had some sale products in store!

All of their Christmas stock was 50% off so I had a little spree and stocked up on some of my favourites!

First up I bought myself TWO bottles of Snow Fairy because it's my absolute favourite and I always go through it so quickly and end up having to wait until next Christmas to buy more. The larger bottle was reduced to £6.50 and the medium bottle was reduced to £4. I also bought a bottle of Bubbly shower gel, reduced from £9.95 to £5. This was a brand new edition to the Christmas range this year and is a fruity and uplifting orange scent - meant to be similar to Bucks Fizz. This will be perfect for waking me up in the mornings!

Next I bought two body conditioners, this is something Lush doesn't produce many of but they are essentially conditioners for your body that you smooth onto wet skin in the shower and wash off afterwards to leave skin feeling soft and smooth. I love the idea of these as I am often pretty lazy and forget to moisturise my body after showering (especially when it's cold and I want to get dressed as soon as possible!)

With all the hype around Snow Fairy shower gel it was pretty exciting when the body conditioner was launched too. It has the same familiar Snow Fairy smell (although not quite as strong) and is a lovely soft pink glittery colour! Packed full of avocado butter, mango butter and a cherry infusion,it is sugary sweet and will satisfy any sweet cravings. I picked this up for £4 reduced from £7.95.

Next up was a body conditioner that I hadn't actually seen or heard about before, Christingle. It is completely different to any other Lush product I have tried; it contains peppermint and menthol crystals and actually tingles on contact with your skin to energise and awaken the body. Ideal as a wake up call before work or something to cool down the body and ease muscles after a gym session. This was slightly pricier than the Snow Fairy conditioner (£9.95 for a 100g pot) but at 50% off I picked this up for £5.

Lastly I got myself this body lotion which was another one I hadn't seen before - Sleepy! One sniff inside the pot and I really did feel sleepy. Everything from its pale purple hue to its dreamy lavender scent made me feel instantly relaxed. It is super nourishing with almond oil and cocoa butter. I'll be using this before bed to help me drift off to the land of nod.

All in all I was seriously impressed with all my purchases and managed to pick up six great products for just £28. Well done Lush and huge respect to anyone working in their social media / customer care teams over Christmas that had to deal with all the anger over bath bombs.

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  1. Lucky you! I didn't manage to get any Lush bits, however I do have enough products to last me a lifetime! xx


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