Monday, 17 April 2017

Kimchee King's Cross

At the end of March I got invited to the opening of Kimchee's latest restaurant in King's Cross. Kimchee is a Korean restaurant that has just opened in Pancras Square - the second Kimchee restaurant to open in London following the success of its original branch in Holborn.

Kimchee serves a range of meat, fish and vegetable Korean dishes all cooked in an open plan kitchen. The dining area reminded me of a slightly fancier Wagamamas as it is all shared tables, however, there are private dining tables downstairs and even a table top barbeque. The restaurant itself is huge and extremely airy with high ceilings - however, they have put a lot of tables into the space available so if it's busy it can feel a little cramped.

Now on to the food....

Starters include: Mackerel Jorim, Bulgogi Dduk Bok Gi, Yuk Hwae and Scallops and range from around £4.90 to £6.90. I chose traditional Kimchee (a fermented vegetable dish made with napa cabbage) and my guest chose a small glass noodle dish. My friend that I went with is Vegan and didn't have any problems finding dishes to suit so it's a good option for veggies!

Main courses include traditional Bibimbap, Udon Noodles, pot dishes and charcoal meats and range from around £ to £10.50, which I thought was pretty reasonable. There are also delicious sides like chargrilled vegetables and Bao buns.

The desserts weren't quite to my taste but if you enjoy Korean flavours (particularly matcha) then you'll be in heaven! Think Black Sesame and Strawberry Pannacotta, Matcha Mousse and Earl Grey Flavoured Mousse.

Highlights were of course the cocktails that are inspired by classics but with a Korean twist. In the private dining area downstairs guests can book a set menu, where meat and fish dishes re cooked on a charcoal BBQ in the centre of the table. The menus are similar to the main dishes but are arranged in set menus ranging from £55 for two, £80 for three or £100 for four.

I had a great time visiting the restaurant and trying out some new dishes. I would definitely return for lunch or a quiet dinner but hopefully when it isn't as busy!

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