Monday, 23 October 2017

Rodial vs MakeUp Revolution Banana Powder

Two powders, two very different price tags. Banana powder has become something of a bestseller recently so I have put two different one to the test...

What is Banana Powder? Banana Powder is a great multi-tasking product that is mainly used in contouring/strobing. It is a yellow powder that neutralises darkness, colour corrects redness and sets makeup. More recently Banana Powder has risen to fame after being approved by the likes of Kim Kardashian.

How to use Banana Powder - Banana Powder should be one of the last steps when doing makeup and applied over foundation and concealer. You can either apply the loose powder with a fluffy powder brush or dab it onto skin using a blending sponge.

  • For highlighting, apply it under the eyes, in the centre of the forehead, over the chin and along the bridge over the nose. Allow it to set before buffing the excess into the skin. This helps to brighten and highlight skin while keeping your makeup in place.
  • If you simply want to create a flawless finish then sweep it over your whole face above makeup!
  • It can also be used as a makeup base and to prime eyelids when applying eyeshadow.
Banana Powder has been something of a beauty secret but recently more and more brands are standing to introduce their own versions of this product, from the high street to high end, and you can pick one up for anything from £5 to £25 or even £52.

One of the first Banana Powders I tried was from Rodial. It was very much a splurge as the powder cost £52, but this is where my love of the product started. Most banana powders come as a loose powder but surprisingly this one came as a compact. You get 10.5g grams of product and the compact also comes with a mirror in the lid. I used this as a setting powder for months and fell in love as it instantly mattified my skin and, most importantly, made it look brighter.

Most recently I bought myself the MakeUp Revolution powder and was interested to see how this one compared as it costs just £5. This is a loose powder and comes in a bottle with a sieve-like top so you need to shake some out on to the back of your hand and sweep it round with a powder brush, or just tip some directly onto the brush. I found it did give my skin a glow and really brightened up my under-eye area. In terms of setting my makeup, I applied it first thing in the morning and it helped to mattify my skin but I did notice that after a busy day of dashing round hopping on and off the tube to meetings there was a little shine and my pores were visible again by lunchtime. Still, for £5 I think this is a great budget option.

I definitely prefer the compact powder as it easier to apply and a lot less muss and fuss. But at £5 I think the Makeup Revolution powder is one of the best alternatives out there and out performs some other banana powders I've tried.

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