Friday, 28 December 2018

Products for a better night's sleep

One of my main resolutions going into 2019 is going to get more sleep. Towards the end of 2018 I found there was a big rise in wellness and a trend for investing in better quality products to both aid and monitor sleep. I'm all too guilty of heading off to bed with all good intentions of getting some shut eye then spending hours scrolling through Instagram.

With what feels like my brain constantly ticking over and not letting myself switch off, I've recently been testing out some products that claim to help you sleep and wake up refreshed. This Works is best known for its classic lavender Pillow Spray and they now do a range of products to help you drift off...the Dream to Sleep gift set is currently in the Christmas sale and is just £24.50 (reduced from £35), containing a 75ml Deep Sleep Pillow Spray, 120ml Deep Sleep Night Oil, and eyemask. The Deep Sleep oil is a hydrating body oil infused with lavender. The pillow spray is now one of my essential items and I use it every night.

Lush Sleep Body Lotion is another lavender-scented product that claims to aid sleep. I had read so much about it online I was intrigued to see if it actually works and am pleased to say it does! I rub this all over my body after a bath in the evenings and the scent is so relaxing.

I'd also read a lot about sleep lamps and wondered how much they could help with sleep as most came with a hefty price tag. I tried out the Philips Wake-Up Light (Currently £95 reduced from £149) as this seemed to be the best value option. The light is inspired by sunrise and gradually increases from a soft red through orange then to a bright yellow light to fill the room with light. This helps your body to wake up naturally in the mornings. You can also choose an accompanying sound to help you wake up in the mornings, whether you want birds tweeting, gentle instruments or just your FM Radio. I especially like the light on this as I can also have it on in the evenings when I'm reading in bed and it has a dim, subtle light rather than a harsh bright light which would keep me awake. The clock function means I can use it as my bedside clock and it has a built in alarm clock. I was dubious when I got this at first but it really does help me to wake up naturally in the mornings and feel refreshed.

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Sunday, 23 December 2018

Calm in the city

Since moving to London I dash around everywhere walking ten times faster, my impatience has skyrocketed, and I seem to constantly find my shoulders tensed up by my ears. I don’t know what it is about this city that seems to induce so much stress but often I’ll be walking down the street and think, ‘oh god I’ve forgotten to take a breath recently’.

The importance of slowing down and taking some time out is vital, so every now and then I love to escape for a little relaxation and pamper time. London may seem like constant hustle and bustle but there are some gems in the city that are ideal for getting away from it all.

I recently came across the spa at K West Hotel, a calming oasis just a few minutes’ walk away from the madness of Christmas shopping at the Westfield shopping centre in Shepherd’s Bush.

Sunday, 9 December 2018

Winter skincare favourites

The arrival of winter means dry, sensitive, and irritated skin so I do a complete skincare rotation. Throughout the colder months I need to use more hydrating products and add in serums to lock in moisture.

After cleansing my skin I'll sweep Pixi Rose Tonic over my face. You may have heard of Pixi Glow Tonic but this new toner is completely is a rose-based toner that hydrates skin and netralises PH to soothe. I'll then use a serum like The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid or if my skin is particularly dry I'll use Dr Organic Snail Gel, from Holland and Barrett. Now, the thought of putting gel from snails onto your face may seem completely strange BUT it is great for your skin. This gel smooths and softens skin and is mixed with Aloe Vera.

Indeed Hydration Booster is also a great multi-use product that you can either pop directly onto your skin or mix with your favourite moisturiser or foundation for an extra boost of moisture.

When it comes to moisturiser I use different products for day and night, my favourite daytime moisturiser is the new launch from Murad Skincare - Nutrient Charged Water Gel. This is oil-free so suitable for all skin types and locks in moisture for up to five days. I love this as it plumps up my skin and hydrates without feeling thick or greasy. In the evenings I love the Lacura Caviar Night Cream from Aldi. This skincare range is such a bargain and feels like it is working to rehydrate skin overnight.

Finally, lipcare is an essential at winter and I am in love with these new mirror compacts from Lypsyl. They come in a range of great scents - Zingy Mandarin, Luxurious Vanilla, and Fresh Orange Blossom. They are just £4.99 and ideal for popping in your handbag for on the go touch-ups.

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Saturday, 8 December 2018

Beauty favourites under £10

As I'm getting older and learning more about skincare I tend to invest in higher end, quality skincare. However, there are still some high street and better value brands around that I think deliver just as much quality without the high price tags.

Here are some of my favourite beauty products that are all a bargain and come in under £10...

Essence mascara - I have already written a blog post about how much I love these mascaras which are around £3.50 from Wilko. They lengthen and curl lashes and deliver just as good results as more expensive brands.

The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid - Deciem brand The Ordinary has become a huge hit for delivering high-quality skincare with simple ingredients and packaging. One product I can't live without is the Hyaluronic Acid serum, a super hydrating serum that I use daily under moisturiser. It is a bargain at £6 and I often buy it in bulk so I always have some to hand.

Revolution Pro Foundation - Make Up Revolution is one of my absolute favourite high street makeup brands and the company introduced its 'Pro' range last year. This full coverage foundation will cover any blemishes while still feeling lightweight and is just £7 from Superdrug.

Sleek Eyeshadow Palette - Sleek is another makeup brand that delivers great quality products for value prices. This I-Divine palette costs £8.99 and there are seven different palettes available with different shade options. This particular palette is 'Au Naturel' which has 12 shades of super-pigmented, long-lasting natural bronze shades.

I Love Body Butter - I'm a huge fan of I Love Cosmetics' new home fragrances (candles and reed diffusers are ideeal for Christmas!) and they also do a range of body butters, scrubs, bath salts, and more in deelicious scents! While this English Rose is actually £12, their smaller tubs of body butter are just £4.99.

St Moriz Fast Response Tanning Mist - St Moriz tan reminds me of my university days when it was known as the "poor girl's St Tropez" and I'd always stock up on a bottle with my weekly shop. The brand has come a long way since then and has launched an ' Advanced Pro' range complete with ran remover, facial tanning drops, dry oil, exfoliating primer, and more. I love this tanning mist as you can just spritz it over your skin and you're done! This is just £5.99 from Superdrug.

Re-Gen Oil - Anyone who likes Bio Oil will LOVE this dupe (which comes as a handy continuous spray). I have very dry skin so need to moisturise daily but am extremely lazy and rarely have the time to stand around rubbing in moisturiser and waiting for it to dry. This works to reduce scars, stretch marks and dry skin and prices start from just £4.15.

Nivea Lip Balm - The original and still the best, Nivea Lip Balm is one of those products I just can't be without. It contains Vitamin E, Shea Butter and Jojoba Oil to protect cracked lips. I probably own about 5 of these so I can always have to hand at my desk, in my handbag, and by my bedside table!

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Tuesday, 30 October 2018

My Everyday Natural Make Up Routine

When I don't want to wear a full face of makeup I'll stick to the basics: base to give a little bit of coverage and mascara / eyeliner to make me look awake! Here are some of the hero products I have been loving recently for a daily, natural look....

Monday, 29 October 2018

Money Saving Tips

Christmas is coming and the purse strings are tightening! If, like me, you've been following the 'treat yourself' mantra for a little too long and need to start putting some money away for the future, here are some of my quick and easy money-saving tips that can make a big difference to your everyday life!...

Wednesday, 29 August 2018

My Favourite Pixi Palettes

While I adore Pixi Beauty's skincare, and think the brand is best known for this, recently I've fallen more and more in love with its makeup range too. Pixi recently collaborated with best known beauty bloggers to create a range of 'Pixi Pretties' makeup palettes.

One of my favourites is the Café con Dulce multi-use palette (top), in collaboration with Dulce Candy. These shimmery shades have a powder to cream formula and can be used as either a blush, face glow, highlighter, and eyeshadow. They are all in subtly, natural shades.

Another great multi-use palette is the Palette Chloette, in collaboration with Chloe Morello. It contains everything you need for face and eyes, in a great range of shades. These soft hues work perfectly as blushers to add a natural glow, while the silky eye shades can be used as shadow, liner and contour. The matte shades can also be doubled up as brow powders! Best of all this palette has a slim mirror along the side so it's perfect to be used on the go.

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Thursday, 28 June 2018

Tips for De-cluttering Your Room with Gumtree

My whole life I've been guilty of holding on to things "just because". It's shocking how much stuff you can accumulate over the space of a few months, and even though I like to keep my space at home tidy it’s FULL of once loved items I no longer use. 

Every now and then I like to have a big clear out to help clear my mind, so it was perfect timing when I had a few days off work and was challenged by Gumtree to take part in a campaign to de-clutter my home. I have also recently bought the book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo in an attempt to change my attitude to hoarding.

So, after sitting down to read the book (what a great way to procrastinate having to tidy) and setting aside a day to clear through my unused items, here are some of the top tips I've learnt and used for de-cluttering...

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Brow FX Brow Products

Brow FX is a brand new range of eyebrow products that launched this year. It is created by the same brand as Lash FX, who have a whole range of false and magnetic eyelashes.

Included in the range is:

  • A brow powder pen in two shades (light / medium) £11.95
  • Brow highlighter pen £11.95
  • A palette of four brow powders £19.95
  • Powder and wax duo £9.95
My favourite products are the brow powder pen and highlighter pen. It is essentially a sponge applicator pre-dipped in brow powder that you can sweep over brows quickly for a pop of colour! It is so compact meaning it is easy to pop into your makeup bag and take on the go.

The range is available from

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Monday, 18 June 2018

HAX Rose Gold Lip Kit

Hax is a beauty brand that puts together easy to follow kits to help you create Instagrammable makeup looks easily at home.

My makeup looks are very simple and I usually don't bother with fussy trends so to have evetything together in one place with step by step instructions was a breeze for me!

There are five kits available, three for lips and two for eyes:

  • Holographic Lip Kit (£17.99)
  • Glitter Lip Kit (£17.99)
  • Rose Gold Lip Kit (£14.99)
  • Cut Crease Eye Kit (£17.99)
  • Shimmer Cut Crease Kit (£17.99)

I tried the rose gold lip kit that comes with a lip liner, liquid lip paint and gold shimmer dust with an applicator brush.

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

May Skincare Favourites

While I love summer and the sunshine it brings, my skin often reacts badly to hayfever and pollution. Over the years my skin has become increasingly sensitive so this month I'm doing as much as possible to protect it. As well as sensitivity my skin can often be prone to dullness and blackheads around my nose and cheeks.

I'm a bit of a skincare obsessive and love stocking up. For all natural ingredients I love LUSH and Nivea is also by far one of my favourite brands for when my skin is flaring up. I have recently discovered Chemist4U which sells high-street products at value prices. I recently wrote about my love of supermarket beauty and this is no different, it's great for stocking up on essentials.

Here are some of the products I've been loving this month...

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Barcelona Hotspots

One of my favourite holiday hotspots has been Barcelona for a number of reasons -it's quick and easy to get to, the food is delicious and it has the combination of both city and beach culture.

Without a doubt, one of Barcelona's top attractions is admiring the city's architecture and the works of Antoni Gaudí.The most famous are the Sagrada Família, Park Güell, and La Pedrera.  

Sunday, 6 May 2018

Guide to Spring Leisure Wear

Personally I feel about a million times more motivated to work out when I'm wearing new sportswear. Fortunately most of the leisure wear on the market is so fashionable you don't need to worry about changing in between gym sessions and can wear your gym gear out and about and for running errands!

Between the long hours at the office and the thrill-seeking adventures on the weekends, it’s no wonder you’ve been considering easing up on the adrenaline rush of life and giving in to the relaxing fit that is athleisure.

Do yourself (and your sanity) a favour and let your wardrobe guide you to a more Zen way of living. The following guide from Red Dress shows the ultimate athleisure wardrobe for spring...

1 234567 8910 11121314 - 15

Saturday, 14 April 2018

Barry M Holographic Lip Toppers

With summer and festival season approaching, shimmer makeup is making a speedy return to beauty shelves. Barry M has launched a holographic range to add an iridescent glow to makeup. One of the easiest ways to switch up your look is with these new Holographic Lip Toppers (£4.99).

They contain light reflecting particles that instantly transform lips and add a holographic, glossy shimmer.

As you can see they are suuper sparkly! They come in four shades; Spellbound, clear, Wizard, blue, Mermaid, pink, and Hex, purple. They van be used alone or over the top of lipstick.

I tested out the shade Mermaid and can confirm that these WORK! I used it over the top of a pink lipstick and it instantly made my lips popped and the bold shimmer lasted hours.

These are amazing value and a great addition to any makeup bag. If you're unsure of which colour to get I'd go for Spellbound as it can be used over any colour lipstick.

Available from Boots, Superdrug and direct from Barry M.

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Thursday, 12 April 2018

A Magnetic Face Mask?

It seems the days of the humble mud mask are gone. There are now peel-off face masks, self heating masks and even bubbling face masks. But I was even more surprised when I came across a magnetic face mask (yes, magnetic?!) from Amour Noir.

Admittedly when it arrived I was a little sceptical and put off using it for a while as I was worried it might be too much of a faff, however, when I had an afternoon off work I decided to put it to the test.

So before getting into the nitty gritty, I'll go through what I knew about the mask beforehand. It comes in a neatly packaged box with a plastic application spoon and a small circular magnet on a handle.

The box states that the mask will give you clean, radiant skin and contains Dead Sea Minerals which work to retain moisture and help keep skin looking youthful. The magnet technology works to pull the mask away from the skin, in turn removing any impurities to cleanse pores.

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Makeup brushes for contouring

When it comes to contouring there are SO many makeup palettes to make the process earlier, but when it comes to application it is key that you have the right tools. There are plenty of makeup brushes made specifically for contouring, so I thought I'd share with you some of my top selections...

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Pixi Rose Skincare

Pixi Rose Skincare

Pixi Rose Skincare

Pixi Rose Skincare

Pixi's skincare range is best known for its iconic exfoliating Glow Tonic, but it has a whole host of skincare products to suit different skin needs too. Some of their latest launches are the Rose Tonic and Rose Cream Cleanser, which are ideal for soothing dry and sensitive skin.

Rose Tonic (£10) is a toner that can be sweeped over the face after cleansing and before moisturising. It helps to tone skin, balance PH, minimise redness and calm the skin while refreshing it. As someone who has very dry skin this works wonders for me as cleansing can really dry my skin out and upset it. It is ideal for anyone with sensitive skin.

Rose Cream Cleanser (£18) as the name suggests is a creamy mud cleanser that is very soft and gentle on the skin. It can be used daily by simply massaging onto skin and rinsing with a face cloth. I use this as part of a double cleanse once I have already removed my makeup. It contains rose, aloe vera, avocado and aloe vera - super smoothing! 

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Monday, 9 April 2018

Finding Confidence & Positivty

In a world full of social media when it's so easy to compare yourself to others, confidence can be at all-time low. As someone who has been blogging for around 5-6 years now I don't particularly feel like I've "made it" in blogging and when I see other bloggers escalating at such a high level. I often feel lost in the giant world that is the blogosphere.

Having said that, I'd say I'm always a fairly positive person and this in turn helps to keep my confidence and morale up. Body positivty is something that is particularly important to me as I hate nothing more than hearing people put down their bodies and talk about the things they dislike about themselves. While there are plenty of things I would change about my body it is way more important to focus on the things you love.

Sunday, 8 April 2018

MakeUp Revolution Haul

MakeUp Revolution Haul

MakeUp Revolution Haul

MakeUp Revolution is one of those brands that I seemed to have passed by over the years for no particular reason. I've bought the odd product from there before but more and more I'm seeing exciting new launches and ultra-value high-end dupes blowing up all over my newsfeed, so this Easter weekend when my online browsing was getting a little out of control I decided to splurge on a haul from their site.

I ordered on Saturday 31 March and everything arrived by Thursday 5 March (remembering Monday was the Bank Holiday). I spent £79.07 in total on 12 items. Postage costs £1.95 but is free on orders over £35 if you order direct from MakeUp Revolution's website. You can also order it from Superdrug and delivery is free for Beauty Card Holders. So let's dive in and see what I got.

Monday, 26 March 2018

Cocktails Behind Bars: Alcotraz London

When I was told I was going for cocktails in a "prison", more specifically one where I had to smuggle in my own alcohol, I didn't quite know what to expect.

Named after the notorious Alcatraz prison in the US, Alcotraz (see the pun?!) originally started in London's Brick Lane as a pop-up immersive bar experience, but is now here to stay following its popularity.

Alcotraz is London's first immersive theatrical cocktail bar. Before arrival all I knew was that we would be spending the night behind bars in a prison cell and had to smuggle in our own alcohol without getting it past "the warden". I went along with fellow bloggers Emily, Annabelle and Eppie. So how did we get on?

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