Friday, 2 March 2018

The £3.30 mascara that’s changed my life

When a beauty brand brings out a new mascara, it needs to do some pretty wondrous things to get my seal approval. Nothing disappoints me more than forking out around £18-£20 on a new mascara just to be left with clumpy lashes.

I’ve tried pretty much every new mascara launch but really don’t see the point in forking out big bucks for them. Especially since seeing the launch of Benefit’s new BadGal Bang – which in my opinion is completely over-hyped! Mascaras really shouldn’t cost a fortune.

If like me you’ve gone from brand to brand trying to find a decent one you can stick with, you will understand the struggles of trying to track down a must have. Is it so difficult to find one that delivers volume, length and colour without smudging?!

Which is why when a couple of friends started raving about a mascara from Wilko that only cost around £3 I HAD to find out more.

Unfortunately my nearest Wilko involves a 30 minute bus ride and entering into Zone 3 of London, but I was willing to risk it if it meant a revolutionary beauty discovery!

It turned out the mascara in question was Essence Lash Princess False Effect Mascara and cost just £3.30.

A bit of research online showed the mascara wand had a “special, conic shape brush” which provides lashes with length, dramatic volume and a false-lash effect. Sounds ideal!

Well after just one coat of mascara I was SHOCKED at how good my lashes looked. No other mascara has delivered these results in a long time. The length of my lashes was INSANE and they looked so much thicker instantly. I expected it to be good value for money but didn’t think it would be this good.

I will never pay more than £5 for a mascara again and will be using this in future. It makes the likes of Benefit They’re Real seem a waste of money.

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