Friday, 28 December 2018

Products for a better night's sleep

One of my main resolutions going into 2019 is going to get more sleep. Towards the end of 2018 I found there was a big rise in wellness and a trend for investing in better quality products to both aid and monitor sleep. I'm all too guilty of heading off to bed with all good intentions of getting some shut eye then spending hours scrolling through Instagram.

With what feels like my brain constantly ticking over and not letting myself switch off, I've recently been testing out some products that claim to help you sleep and wake up refreshed. This Works is best known for its classic lavender Pillow Spray and they now do a range of products to help you drift off...the Dream to Sleep gift set is currently in the Christmas sale and is just £24.50 (reduced from £35), containing a 75ml Deep Sleep Pillow Spray, 120ml Deep Sleep Night Oil, and eyemask. The Deep Sleep oil is a hydrating body oil infused with lavender. The pillow spray is now one of my essential items and I use it every night.

Lush Sleep Body Lotion is another lavender-scented product that claims to aid sleep. I had read so much about it online I was intrigued to see if it actually works and am pleased to say it does! I rub this all over my body after a bath in the evenings and the scent is so relaxing.

I'd also read a lot about sleep lamps and wondered how much they could help with sleep as most came with a hefty price tag. I tried out the Philips Wake-Up Light (Currently £95 reduced from £149) as this seemed to be the best value option. The light is inspired by sunrise and gradually increases from a soft red through orange then to a bright yellow light to fill the room with light. This helps your body to wake up naturally in the mornings. You can also choose an accompanying sound to help you wake up in the mornings, whether you want birds tweeting, gentle instruments or just your FM Radio. I especially like the light on this as I can also have it on in the evenings when I'm reading in bed and it has a dim, subtle light rather than a harsh bright light which would keep me awake. The clock function means I can use it as my bedside clock and it has a built in alarm clock. I was dubious when I got this at first but it really does help me to wake up naturally in the mornings and feel refreshed.

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