Wednesday, 29 July 2020

Taking better care of my teeth

I like to think I take care of my whole body well, thanks to my love of beauty, but one part of my body that can often be forgotten about is my mouth.

I have plenty of products stocked up for my hair, face, and body, but it can be easy to overlook your oral hygiene and not take enough care of your teeth and gums. All too often in the past I wouldn't think twice about drinking a can of cola everyday or adding a teaspoon of sugar here and there to my tea, not considering the impact it would have.

I'd disregard the "fuzzy teeth" feeling and, despite brushing my teeth and thinking I was taking care of them, my teeth never felt fully clean. Daily caffeine and sugar also left my teeth stained and yellow.

A trip to the hygenist last year was a big wake up call (something I'd highly recommend!) and since then I've tried to do as much as possible to keep my teeth and gums clean & healthy, and have invested in simple products to add to my daily routine.

Picking up easy habits like investing in a good toothpaste and flossing daily have made a significant improvement, while I've also started adding in treatments to white my teeth and reverse the stains...

Saturday, 4 July 2020

The Wine List Wine Subscription

For someone who likes drinking wine, I'm pretty clueless about it. How many times haeve you ordered a glass of wine at a bar, been asked which type you'd like, only to panic and say "umm any, the house is fine". The house is not fine. It usually tastes like vinegar, but you're stuck with it because you don't know any better .

Well, like many in lockdown, I've tried taking up some new hobbies...I bought myself a keyboard but it was too hard to teach myself, I took up baking but everything exploded, I've even done more running but am now sat here with sore knees and a twisted ankle. So I've discovered and an even better new hobby, discovering new wines!

The Wine List is a discovery-focused wine subscription service. Aimed at the amateur wine enthusiast who is looking to increase their wine knowlege (hello!), you receive two bottles of wine in the post - usually a white and a red - with tasting cards and a "Wine Principle" to give you a foundation of wine knowledge.

Rather than a customer just getting a case of wine in the post and drinking away, this is all about educating customers who already like wine and would value learning more and educating themselves about it.

The Wine List kindly asked me if I'd like to trial a box, so of course I said yes. I received 'Massaya', a Lebanese white wine, and Cara Sucia Cereza, a red wine. I never would have usually picked these up in a supermarket so it was great to try something new, and the wine tasting cards turned it into an experience I could enjoy with my family - we could take our times to taste and appreciate the wines and give our thoughts on each (yes, they were both delicious!) 

The subscription costs just £39 a month, which although is on the more expensive side is worth it for two decent bottles of wine (which usually retail at around £15-£20 each).

*Post contains PR Samples

Saturday, 1 June 2019

Accessories to help my fitness motivation

Aside from beauty I often post about fitness on here as it's something I'm interested in and enjoy. Admittedly over the last couple of years I got a little lazy but in the last few months I've really tried to get back into fitness and have been enjoying it. I don't think fitness necessarily needs to be expensive (I wrote about the cost of keeping fit here), however, I think there are a few things I have bought and used recently to support me on my fitness journey.

Here are a few accessories to help me stay motivated...

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