Friday, 28 December 2012

Clinique sales bargain!

I promised I was going to avoid the sales this year for three main reasons: I need to save my money, I always end up impulse buying things that I don't need/aren't even that cheap, and I hate seeing all the Christmas presents I bought for my family now reduced to 50% off! But I had to go into town today to buy a few essentials and wanted to treat myself to some nice skincare with my Christmas money, and I managed to get the Clinique Great Skin Home & Away set in the House of Fraser sale.

I went into enquire about the 3 step skincare system as I've just been using a cheapy face wash recently and wanted to invest in some good products. I had the intention of just getting a cleanser or moisturiser but I picked up this whole set reduced from £60 to £46.45.

It contains: full size Liquid Facial Soap Mild (200ml) Clarifying Lotion 2 with Pump (487ml - larger than a full size bottle) Dramatically Different Moisture Lotion with Pump (125ml) plus travel minis of Liquid Facial Soap (30ml) Clarifying Lotion 2 (60ml) and Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion (30ml) all in a see through pink case.

All three full size products on their own cost over £69.50 so this was an amazing bargain

I'm excited to start using the 3 step set and will do a review soon to let you know how I'm getting on with it!

Most of the things I needed were on offer in Superdrug as well which was a bonus:
Batiste Dry Shampoo 400 ml £2.39 (was £4.99)

Simple skincare wipes £2 (was £2.49)

V04 High Volume hairspray (£3.05) & Heat Protect styling spray (£3.69) 2 for £4.99

Superdrug face masks 4 for 3, 99p each

Have you managed to get anything good in the sales this year?

London baby!

Yesterday I went to London to see Matilda the musical with my sister as a Christmas present! We spent the day doing some shopping and looking round Covent Garden before the performance

Arriving early at Waterloo

Reindeer at Covent Garden

Decorations at Covent Garden market

I'm not too sure how I felt about the performance..I thought the singing and staging was excellent but some of the dialogue dragged on a bit..I don't know if it's because I've seen the film so many times and the show was so different from it, or if maybe it was aimed at a younger audience so I didn't enjoy it as much?

I managed to get a picture of the stage before the show began - there's books and letters all around it, it looks so lovely all lit up!

meet the #bbloggers

At the beginning of the month I saw through Twitter that fellow blogger Becky was running a 'Meet the #BBloggers' series and was looking for people to take part so I got in touch with her and my interview went up on her blog today!

Check it out here and be sure to visit Becky's blog,


Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Benefit Upgrade to Gorgeous

My favourite thing about Christmas is looking a complete state opening presents in my old pyjamas with  no makeup on then going off and having a shower with all my new smellies and using new makeup and feeling fab after! One of my presents this year was the Benefit Upgrade to Gorgeous gift set and I couldn't wait to use it.

I think it cost around £35 but has gone down to £23 in the sale now. The set contains:

  • High Beam
  • Sugarbomb
  • The Porefessional Deluxe Mini
  • They're Real! Deluxe Mini
  • Laugh With Me LeeLee Deluxe perfume Mini

I started off by using the Porefessional primer all over my face before applying foundation. It went on so smoothly and has a lovely texture and got rid of all my shine! I am now in love with this and will be getting myself a full size version too. I know Benefit is quite pricey and some of the products are only appealing because of their cute packaging but Porefessional is definitely worth the money as it gets rid of pores and makes foundation look so much better! You can also mix it with a bit of brightening primer or use it over foundation.

The other product in the kit was Sugarbomb face powder which came with a brush and mirror included. I am a huge fan of Benefit's blusher boxes and have used Dandelion, Coralista, and 10 before. I swirled all four of these colours together and used them on my cheeks. It gave a sheer shimmery glow to my cheeks and the colour can be built up - it isn't as strong as Coralista. I'm not so keen on this powder as some of the others as I have fair skin so prefer to use pinky blushers but this came out more purpley overall. It is good if you want to go for a natural look without too much colour though. 

I finished off my Christmas look with a bit of High Beam in the corners of my eyes and then used 'They're Real' mascara. I prefer this a lot more to Benefit's other mascara as the Bad Gal brush is so thick and bushy I end up with clumps! This wand  is a lot thinner and defines the lashes.

Finished result!

what I got for Christmas

Merry Christmas! I hope you all had a lovely day. My sister and I both got tickets to see Matilda the musical tomorrow in London, exciting!! So I will do a bit of shopping while I'm there and treat myself to some things with my Christmas money! I also got a lot of lovely beauty products so I thought I'd share them with you all and would love to read your Christmas posts too...

Benefit 'Upgrade to Gorgeous'. It's a tradition that my sister buys me some kind of Benefit product each year as she knows how much I love them. The set contains High Beam, Sugarbomb, a mini They're Real mascara, mini Porefessional primer, and mini perfume sample. I love porefessional and will have to buy the full size! Review to come soon!

Loreal Force Vector anti-breakage masque. I used this on my hair yesterday and it feels so much smoother! I put it on dry hair for a few minutes before I had a shower and washed it normally, it's really made a difference as it still feels lovely today after washing.

Dove Silk Indulgence pamper set

Beauticology bath set with a Cherry Cupcake shower gel and Vanilla Cupcake body lotion. As far as smelly gift sets go I'm quite impressed with this one both products smell divine!

Loreal Crystal Gloss spray. This is a finishing spray that leaves hair shiny

Toni & Guy products from my sister: Glosser for all Blondes & Instant Calmer and Straightner for all Blondes. I've really neglected my hair this year and not looked after it so I'm going to make an effort to use these in the New Year. I love that they're targeted for blonde hair as well and mean I won't have to straighten my hair as much.

Makeup Brush set. I think I'm going to chuck my old ones out and start again with brushes. This set was from M&S and came in a nice leather pouch. I've heart a lot about the Real Techniques sets as well so might treat myself to a couple of those.

Sweetie tree! You may have seen my post a while ago about DIY sweetie trees. My mum got the idea a while ago as these were used as table decorations at a wedding, I didn't know she'd made one for all the family as well and gave them to us at the table at Christmas dinner. Mine was covered in my faovurite sweets and my Grandad had a liquorice allsorts one.

Cath Kidston mug. I accidentally smashed my one and was so annoyed! It's been on my wish list for a while

What did you all get this year? Have you bought anything nice in the sales?

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Neon Nails!

Took a break from all the sparkle and glitter this week to try out my neon nail polish from Nails Inc. This bright blue shade is 'Kensington Park Road' (£11).

I bought a few neon polishes in the summer but never got round to wearing them. Some of my other favourites from the range are Westbourne Grove and Shoreditch High Street. The colour comes out quite sheer so it's best to use two coats to get a brighter colour and a top coat to seal it.

The picture was taken of my other hand so excuse the smudges! I love this colour as it's fun and cheery. I know I'm not brave enough to wear the neon trend so will stick to neon nails and accessories as my contribution!

Saturday, 15 December 2012

DIY Sugar Scrub

Hello! If like me you're a bit strapped for cash at the mo homemade sugar scrubs are a great way of saving money as you can use them on your face and body and all the ingredients are in your kitchen cupboards.

Today I used a scrub made of Brown Sugar, Olive Oil, and Lemon Juice

You can also use white sugar and salt as exfoliating alternatives - Brown Sugar is a lot thicker and is gentle on the skin.

If you have Coconut Oil at home I would recommend using that as it smells a lot nicer than Olive Oil. There is no real recipe in terms of the ratio of sugar to oil, it depends if you want the scrub to be mainly grainy or have more liquid.

Admittedly the mixture doesn't look too attractive but it works wonders on my skin. I scrub my whole body before getting into the shower then rinse it off and my skin is so soft after. It also gets rid of dead skin and fake tan residue! Use in the bath before shaving legs for smooth legs

What DIY beauty products have you made?

Thursday, 13 December 2012

'Seven Deadly Sins of Beauty' Tag

I saw this tag on a couple of blogs a while ago but have just gotten round to taking pictures for it! Here are my 7 deadly beauty sins..I'm sure you're all guilty of some of these too! Let me know what yours are too. Enjoy!..

1. GREED: What is your most inexpensive beauty item? What is your most expensive? 

My most inexpensive has to be this 2True liquid liner from Superdrug. Everything is £1.99 or 3 for £4.99! I love this eyeliner as it has a felt tip style brush so it is really easy to apply

There are a few items in my beauty bag I've splurged on. My GHD's would probably have to be the most expensive but recently I bought quite a few things from the Paul & Joe skincare range. They're worth the investment as it is good quality skincare - not just pretty packaging!

2. WRATH: What beauty products do you have a love/hate relationship with? What product has been the hardest to get?

I have a love/hate relationship with eye pencils. I love to define my eyes and go for the smokey eye look but within a couple of hours they end up smudging and I look like I'm on drugs! My eyes don't agree with too much make up..

The product that has been hardest to get is St. Moriz fake tan! I absolutely love it as it's so cheap but I walked the whole of Nottingham to find it as barely any shops stock it. In the end I managed to find it in Wilkinsons.

3. GLUTTONY: What is your most delicious beauty product?

Body Shop passion fruit body butter! They have discontinued the Passion Fruit range now but whenever Body Shop has a big sale they always bring back some of the old scents for the sale so I stock up on the passion fruit scrub and body butter for £5 each.

4. SLOTH: What beauty product do you neglect, due to laziness?

Everyday body moisturiser. My skin gets so dry in the winter and I know I should moisturise every day but I am so lazy I rarely get round to it! I fake tan quite a lot as well so it often goes peely after a couple of days, that's punishment I guess, I've learnt my lesson!

5. PRIDE: What beauty product gives you the most self-confidence?

Self tanner. I truly believe that fake tan can make you look slimmer and healthier. I always use instant tan on nights out to make my legs look nicer.

6. LUST: What attributes do you find most attractive in the opposite sex?

Facial hair, nice eyes, longish hair

7.ENVY: What items would you most like to receive as a gift?

I think anything by Benefit as I love their cute quirky products! Also some MAC makeup and Clinique or Dermalogica skincare.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

My Daily Makeup

Today I thought I'd share with you the products I use on a daily basis. Most are used everyday to create a natural look but for nights out I swap some things or increase the amount of makeup I wear and use more eye makeup.

L-R: Garnier BB Cream, NYC Primer, MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation, 2 True Liquid Eyeliner, Rimmel Lash Accelerator Mascara, Body Shop Highlighting Pearls, Collection 2000 Shimmer Shades, Miss Sporty Tan So Fine Bronzer, MAC Studio Fix Powder, Benefit Peek a Bright Eyes

 With my face I start by applying NYC Smooth Skin Perfecting Primer (£3.49) which makes any face makeup glide on a lot more easily. It doesn't have as nice a texture as some of the other primers on the market but if you're on a budget this is such a bargain and has lasted me months! Then for everyday wear I use Garnier BB Cream but for nights out or for when I need more coverage I use MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation.

I've wanted to find a decent foundation for ages and in the summer I decided to get a MAC one as a treat for finishing my exams. I went to the MAC store and had my colour matched. The woman at the shop recommended Studio Sculpt foundation (£24) for a dewy finish. I've got on great with it but once I run out I think I will give the Studio Fix Fluid a go to see how I get on with a matte finish, plus it's a bit cheaper! 

The thing I love about this foundation is that it comes in a squeezy tube so you don't have to buy the pump separately. I squeeze a tiny amount into my hand (a little really goes a long way) and apply it with my foundation brush. This particular foundation is slightly too light for my skin (I was matched to NW20) so I sometimes mix it with a darker one or St Tropez's Instant Glow Face Lotion.

Once I've applied foundation I always need to use bronzer or blusher after to give me a bit of colour as I'm so pale! I've been using Miss Sporty Tan so Fine bronzer in 'Sun Kissed' for a while now. At £2.99 I think it is a really good bronzer as it has complementary colours that you can use individually or mix together. It gives me a nice healthy glow without looking too orange. The only thing negative I'd have to say about this is that is has quite a chalky consistency and it can be quite difficult to get the product onto the brush.

I then use blusher on my cheeks. I recently bought Body Shop Brush on Radiance Pearls (£14). These give a nice sheer colour and can be used on the whole face to give a subtle glow. When I want a bit more colour I use Collection Shimmer Shades in Blushalicious (£4.19) on the apples of my cheeks. I then set the whole thing with MAC Studio Fix Powder. This powder also contains foundation so gives good coverage and a matte finish.

Then for my eyes. During the day I always go for a natural look so just use a bit of mascara and liquid eyeliner along the top lash line. I bought Rimmel Lash Accelerator mascara purely because it was on offer. It is usually costs £7.99 but I got it for £4. The mascara contains a grow-lash complex to give longer looking lashes instantly and up to 110% longer lashes after 30 days use. I thought the whole grow lash thing was a bit of a gimmick but it actually works! My lashes do look a lot more longer and defined.

If my eyes are a bit tired and dull I'll use Benefit peek a bright eyes kit to perk them up. It contains a creamy white and shimmery pink highlighting shadow as well as a mini Eye Bright concealer which I use in the corners of my eyes. It also comes with a brown eyeshadow that can be used in the creases of the eyes and along the lash line as an eyeliner. 

The finished result!

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