Thursday, 10 January 2013

20% Discount Code for Motel Rocks

There is some gorgeous stuff over on the Motel Rocks sale and for anyone looking to do some online shopping if you use my exclusive discount code you can get 20% off all purchases! I have a lot of friends' 21st's coming up so will treat myself to some new dresses.

Enjoy the discount and let me know what you're buying

Natalie xo


  1. i really should stop spending but after seeing this i dont think i can!

  2. It was lovely meeting you briefly yesterday in Birmingham :) will definitely note down this discount code for next time Im on the motel website! X

    1. lovely to meet you too! hope you had a great day & we'll all meet up again sometime soon. definitely check it out they've got a good sale atm :) xx

  3. Hello! You follow my blog, so just to let you know that my URL has changed! If you'd like to keep reading, the new URL is Hope to see you there! Laura x

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