Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Birmingham Bloggers meet up goodie bag!

Yesterday I went to Birmingham for the #bbloggers meet up. I was a bit nervous as this was the first meet up I'd been to, plus I wasn't even sure if I'd make it with the snow, but everyone was so lovely and I had a great day. Unfortunately I was stupid enough to leave my memory card in my laptop so I couldn't take any pictures on the day, but I thought I'd show you all the amazing goodie bag instead!

I was very excited about getting a DHC Deep Cleansing Oil sample as I have seen it advertised in a lot of magazines but never got round to trying it as I was worried about putting oil on my face! Will do a review of that one soon. I also saw the Face Tonique was in the Glossy Box recently so intrigued about that one!

Some more exciting goodies - GLAMGLOW samples!! Can't wait to use these face masks. 

Everyone get different Neal & Wolf hair products. I had never heard of them but will be definitely buying from them in future, all the products smell amazing.

Porefessional! I was so excited to see this in the goodie bag! I was considering buying it when we went shopping in the day but one of the girls hinted at me not to. Everyone either got this or the They're Real mascara or Benefit's newest product Fine One One.
I got a sample of this in a gift box for Christmas so was tempted to buy the full size. Will do a review of this one too.

I'm also in love with these adorable place settings that we all had at the dinner table!

If anyone one went to the Birmingham bloggers event let me know so I can have a look at your posts. Can't wait to go on more meet ups!


  1. Oh you did get some goodies! The Xen Tan and Porefessional have been on my list for a while... must get around to picking them up!

    Hope you had a great time, i've never been to a blogger meetup, how do you find out about them?

  2. Hey Sam! I'll let you know how I get on with the Porefessional I've heard good things!

    I had never been to a meet up before either, I found out about it through Twitter. I was following the girl who organised it on Twitter anyway so I expressed my interest when she started organsing it..but if you search '#bbloggers' on Twitter you might see if there are any meet ups going on soon!


  3. Very jealous, lovely goody bag and glad you had a nice day xxx


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