Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Katy Perry Eylure Colour Pop Lashes Review

Following on from Katy Perry's successful Eylure false eyelashes, she has now released a range of 'Colour Pop lashes'

When I first heard about the range I expected them to be really outrageous, OTT, fluorescent lashes, but I was pleasantly surprised as the colours are actually really subtle! The range is designed to bring out your own eye colour and make it pop, so having blue eyes I tried the blue lashes - 'Ka-Boom'.

As you can see the lashes aren't completely coloured - the coloured parts are blended into black lashes.


Firstly I must apologise for how I look in these photos - it was very late and I was tired so my eyes are a bit red and blotchy! I am wearing natural false lashes in these photos


Personally I don't think I would wear these lashes on a night out purely for the fact that they're a bit too big and voluptuous for me! I sometimes wear false lashes on nights out but only really natural looking ones or else they dominate my face! But I really like the subtlety of the colour in these lashes, I may consider them for fancy dress!

Katy Perry Colour Pop Lashes by Eylure are £6.45 for one pair and come with lash adhesive. You can buy them online at OhBeaty here.

Has anyone else tried the Colour Pop range? What did you make of them?

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