Monday, 11 February 2013

St Moriz Instant Self-Tanning Mist Review

Pretty much everyone has heard of St Moriz tan by now and tried it at some point. This is one of my favourite fake tanning brands as it is so cheap and gives amazing results! A bottle of the self tanning lotion costs around £3 from Wilkinsons, although I'm pretty sure the cost has gone up recently with it becoming so popular which I'm not happy about! I sometimes struggle to find this in the shops as my local Superdrug and Boots don't stock it so I often have to search for cheaper beauty shops.

Anyway! When I last bought my bottle of the tanning lotion I saw that St Moriz also does a tanning mousse and spray as well. With all the hype around the original St Moriz lotion I wondered if their other products would be just as good. I opted for the mist instead of the mousse because as much as I love the speed & fast  drying formulation I have very dry skin and tanning mousses just make it a lot worse!

Firstly I'd like to point out, if you're expecting the "mist" to be similar to Rimmel Sun Shimmer spray, it's not. In fact it's nothing like it. This is more of a liquid spray and doesn't come out like an airbrush mist at all. When I spray it onto my skin it comes out blotchy and I had to rub it in as quickly as possible to avoid it streaking.

Hopefully you can see from the picture what I mean! In the end I found it a lot easier to spray the product onto a tanning mitt then apply it to my skin that way.
Swatches of the Tanning Spray compared to Lotion
Nevertheless I still thought this was a really good self tanner. For £3 it gave great even coverage and wasn't streaky once I'd blended it completely. The spray is tinted you can see exactly where you're applying it. As the colour starts to develop it goes a very dark brown colour but once you wash the top layer off you are left with a golden colour underneath!

It's also good for spraying onto the backs of legs and for applying tanner to the face and hands as it is a lot finer so isn't as dark as the lotion. I also think this works really well to top up an existing tan as it is a lot quicker to apply and dries almost instantly so you don't have to faff around with applying tanning lotion or moisturiser every day! 

At first I was a little disappointed that this is more of a spray than a mist but for such a cheap price you can't go wrong and I'll be using it for quick instant results in the future.

Have you tried St Moriz products? What are your favourite tanning brands?

Natalie. xox


  1. I've only ever tried the mousse in St Moritz, but that was very good. I've been weaning myself off the fake tan over the past couple of years and trying to embrace my paleness.

    On a different note, my favourite used to be St. Tropez, but they seem to have changed their formula as the past two bottles have been awful!

    Michelle x

    1. Yeah I've used St Tropez before too but with St Moriz being just as good and so much cheaper it hardly seems worth splashing out :)

      You really suit being pale you have lovely fair skin! Definitely embrace your paleness :) xx

  2. I actually changed to St Moritz mousse on recommendation from a friend as I was a massive advocate of £30 a bottle St Tropez...and I actually prefer this now, I think it gives a much nicer colour and I never have problems with streaking...its also so much cheaper you really can't go wrong!

    Sophs xx
    The Sopho Diaries

    1. Exactly! There's no point paying loads when this is just as good. I haven't tried the mousse yet I'll get that one next when the lotion runs out :) xx

  3. I'm so scared of fake tan as I'm so pale, and I don't think I can work oompah loompah lol xx

    mac lipstick giveaway.

    1. haha fake tan suits some people but some people prefer to steer clear! I used to be scared of it but now I always need it for a night out! xx

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