Thursday, 7 February 2013

TAG: Confessions of a Blogger!

Good evening! I found this on another blog and thought I'd do it too, I enjoy filling out these questionnaires it reminds me of things I did when I was younger!


1) How long does it take you to edit/write a post?

Not that long really, my posts are usually quite picture heavy so I don't spend a lot of time writing and when I do write I don't really plan it out I just type as I think! It's editing the pictures that takes forever but sometimes I don't bother with it

2)Are you a spender or saver?

I'm more of a saver as being a student and relying on my loan means I am in no position to spend a lot! Occasionally I like to treat myself and splurge on one particular item like a nice makeup or skincare product but generally I try to be careful with spending.

3) What type of post do you enjoy writing or recording?

I love sharing what I've been buying or doing reviews of new beauty products. I also enjoy doing tags as they're more personal and readers can get to know me better

4)Do your friends and family know about your blog/channel?

Yeah, I usually post about it on Twitter and a few of my friends have made comments about it..I don't think many of my friends read it though and I'd rather they didn't as I get a little embarrassed haha! My family know I have a blog too but they haven't looked at it

5)What Clothing Item do you wear way too much?

Leggings, jeggings and cardigans! I'm always cold and have a chunky cardigan on over outfits. I like to be comfy too so don't always wear skirts of shorts

6)Are you more likely to buy a bag or a pair of shoes?

Ooh that's a tough one! A while ago I probably would have said  bags but I prefer to only buy statement or investment bags that last longer I'm probably more likely to buy shoes! I often just buy cheap crappy pairs of dolly shoes and go through them quickly

7)Are the outfits that you post really what you wear in out?

Yep! I rarely do outfit posts and when I do I don't have time to dress up for them, I literally just post what I'm wearing.

8)Who or What inspired you to start a blog or channel?

When I started my Journalism course at university just over two years ago our lecturers always encouraged us to start a blog just to practice writing and to show off the work we had done. I always meant to start one but never got round to it. Then I set up an online portfolio but never bothered updating it. It was only when I went to the Company Fashion Forum in November last year that I really felt inspired to start a blog and realised how important it was. I set up my beauty blog after that as it's something I'm very passionate about and can't believe how far by blog has come in such a short space of time! I've already been to a couple of bloggers meet ups and events and met some lovely people.

9)What's your style mantra? (in other words, what does style mean to you. I think....)

I think style is a way of expressing your personality and showing you are comfortable within yourself.

I tag you all to take part in this! Leave your links if you've done any recent tags as I love being nosey!

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