Thursday, 28 March 2013

Westfield Derby Blog Competition Entry: How You Wear the Trends

Two of the biggest trends this season are prints and monochrome. There are so many ways to style them, whether you want to go all out in head-to-toe or just inject a little colour into your outfit with jewellery and accessories, the high street is full of options. Here are just some of the ways that fashion bloggers have been wearing the trends:

Monochrome is one of the easiest trends to wear as anything can go with black or white!

Amy wears a striped shirt from Primark with a leather skirt from Saints and Sinners. 

Jess has kept her look simple with a vintage white top and a skater skirt from Lily Lulu. 

Helen - The Lovecats Inc
Helen has gone for head-to-toe monochrome in this bold printed dress from ASOS.

For me, bold prints are one of the more difficult trends to wear as I find them hard to pull off! The trick is to be brave and if you still can't bare to go for a wild graffiti or galaxy print, polkadots and florals are a cute, feminine alternative!

Allie - Tie-Dye-Eyes
If you don't want to go for all over prints a printed top with a plain black skirt is a great way to make a statement. Allie wears a tropical print top from Warehouse with an H&M pencil skirt

 I absolutely love this colour-splash floral suit. It looks like a high-end designer brand but I was shocked to see it was from H&M - bargain! Chelsea adds more colour with a plain purple shirt underneath.

Heidi - Heidi-Likes
Galaxy prints came around last year and the trend is here to stay! Heidi's dress is from She Likes and she keeps her look casual with some American Apparel leggings and glittery loafers from Zara.

Sheer fabrics are another great way to keep prints simple for daytime wear. This lovely shirt is from Primark and Chloe pairs it with Primark leggings and Chelsea Boots from New Look.

If you're really not feeling brave enough you can liven up an outfit with accessories. Look for bags and shoes with an interesting print and team with simple block colours to make a statement. These floral slippers are from Matalan.

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

OOTD: Jade Green

Jumper - Fashion Union, Dress - Fashion Union, Boots - Topshop.

Thought I would do something different on the blog today and post my first proper OOTD! Today's outfit is a long-sleeved bodycon dress and green chunky knit jumper from Fashion Union. I had never heard of their website before until I saw it on a couple of other blogs and decided to try it out. I'm now in love with their clothes, everything is such good value! The studded ankle boots I bought from Topshop last year and they have become a staple in my wardrobe I practically wear them all the time. 

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Anti-ageing starts now!

Although I'm only 20-years-old, skin ageing has been a big concern for me recently as I've been told that it's best to start early to prevent it rather than trying to reverse it when its too late! At the moment I don't have any visible signs of skin ageing so I don't want to change my skin's appearance, just keep it the same way. I'm no expert on skincare but I thought I would share my tips and products I've been using to keep my skin youthful.

Most anti-ageing products are designed for different ages and have different levels of ingredients. The trick is to not go for anything too intense. You want products that are going to protect the skin rather than restore or renew it.

The most important step people can take in their early 20's and 30's to keep the skin young is to wear sunscreen and avoid smoking. I try to take good care of my skin in terms of the products I use but there are a lot of things that let me down, like drinking alcohol. Alcohol dries my skin out and when I go to take my makeup off after a night out I find some cleansers to be quite drying too.

I've started using Origins A Perfect World Cleanser (£18) daily and have noticed such an improvement to my skin. It is a foaming face wash formulated with White Tea and has a very creamy texture so it moisturises your face while helping to detoxify it.

One of the key things you need to add to a skincare routine to help prevent ageing is a serum. I've never really bothered with them but when I was given this little Origins sample I realised I was missing out! I use this underneath my moisturiser to smooth out the skin, it works just like a face primer and my skin is ready for makeup straight away. Face serums can often be very pricey but I've heard great things about the Soap & Glory ones which cost between £11-£20.

As well as a daytime serum I have one specifically for night. This product has been featured so many times on my blog I feel I don't need to say much about it! The Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate is a perfect addition to a skincare routine to help protect your skin and despite the hefty price tag (£36 for 30ml) you only need to use 4 drops a night so it is a great investment and will last ages!

Another product I never used to bother with was eye creams. I bought this one from Good Things out on a whim and I've only really started to use it recently. At first I didn't notice any results but then realised I was using it completely wrong - I'd been rubbing it along the bags under my eyes but you're meant to pat a tiny pea sized amount in a circle around the whole eye area. Since using it my eyes don't look as tired and there's no puffiness at all. 

Eye creams are very important as the skin is so delicate around that area. It is thinner and a lot more sensitive so eye creams are designed specifically for them. They target problems like dark circles, fine lines and sagging.

Have you adopted an anti-ageing skincare routine at all? What products do you use to keep your skin in top condition?

Westfield Derby: We Are Fashion

Last week I went to along to the Westfield Shopping Centre in Derby for the launch of their 'We Are Fashion' event. It was very small and intimate as there must have been only about twelve girls so it was nice to get to know everyone and speak to the organisers individually. They talked us through the four key trends for the season - Monochrome, Brights, Pastels and Prints - and how to style them.

Monday, 25 March 2013

Finally on Instagram!

Just a quick one, yesterday I went out and upgraded my phone to the new Samsung Galaxy S3. I was so excited to get it and have spent all day playing on it.

I've just got Instagram and would love for you all to send me your usernames. Mine is nataliegarlandx.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint

Hello! I'm finally blogging again after what seems ages as my laptop broke last week and I had to take it in for repair. So happy to have it back again and put up all the posts I've been meaning to do. So first up is my review of Barry M's latest nail polish range, the Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paints

The Gelly nail polishes are a high shin range that provide an extra glossy finish. As I have so many nail polishes rather than buying one I borrowed this off my friend so I could see  if they lived up to the hype - and they did! As I went for a nude colour it is hard to see how shiny it is but some of the brighter colours have a really shiny finish. I love them as there's no need for a base coat or top coat and as the polish is quite thick you only need one coat. I think glossy nails look very sophisticated so I can't wait to buy some of the other colours for myself.
Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paints cost £3.99 each and there's about 13 colours in the range. I'm wearing Lychee 306. See the other colours here

Have you tried the Gelly nail paints? What do you think of them?

Saturday, 16 March 2013

And the winner is....

Just a quick one today, my laptop broke in the week and I had to take it in to the repair place on Thursday and they said I wouldn't get it back until Monday. Living without has proved very difficult over the last couple of days and I'm even more annoyed I can't do any blogging but as soon as I get it back I'll have lots of posts up!

Anyway, today was the last day of my 100 follower giveaway to win a Benefit Porefessional primer so I have borrowed a libray computer to announce the winner!

So a huge congratulations to Sophie from Pocockins.

I also wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone who took part in the giveaway, this was the first one I had done so it was lovely to have so many people involved and I'm looking forward to doing more in the future when I hit more milestones.

Have a great weekend! x

Sunday, 10 March 2013

my first experience with Origins skincare

This morning I took a break from uni work and was treated to a bit of pampering as I went along for a mini-facial and skin consultation at the Origins counter at House of Fraser, Nottingham. I've heard of Origins before but had never tried their products so was excited to learn more about them.

 The Origins counter in Nottingham is one of the older ones, I was told that some stores have very modern high-tech counters with touch screen facilities but I thought the older look of it made it seem very traditional like an old chemists!

So firstly I was sat down and hat a chat with the consultant, Nichola, about my skin type, the types of products I currently use etc. and she determined what would be the best products to use on my skin. Although I'm only 20 skin ageing is still a concern and my skin can also be quite dull at times so she chose products that would help to prevent lines & wrinkles.

I was then taken to the treatment room and given a lovely facial! Nichola was very friendly and informative about all the products she used and I felt so relaxed. My skin was cleansed and toned then exfoliated with one of their best selling products - Modern Friction, nature's gentle dermabrasion. This scrub contains rice starch and lemon to remove dead skin cells and signs of pores. My skin felt really soft afterwards even without moisturiser. Then she popped a moisturisng mask and eye mask on my face for about ten minutes and I nearly drifted off. Finished off with a lovely moisturiser.

Origins was founded in 1990, so it's still fairly new, and the great thing about their skincare is its all formulated with plant extracts and organic ingredients so its 100% natural! I was told all about the different ranges for certain skin types, including a Mega-Mushroom skin relief range for redness and sensitivity! I love using organic products as I know they won't be harsh on my skin.

After my facial all the products that were used were ticked off on a sheet so I knew exactly what was recommended for me and I was given some samples to take away and try at home.

I was recommended about six or seven different products for my skin and I wanted to buy them all! My favourite product had to be the Modern Friction, it costs £31 which is very pricey but I was told it will last at least two years. In the end I bought the Perfect World cleanser for £18. It is an antioxidant cleanser with White Tea so it will detoxify the skin while keeping me looking young!

My skin felt so lovely when I got home and when I applied my makeup it went on smoother than ever and looked really fresh.

The best thing about it all was if was free! Anyone can pop along for a facial at Origins - they do a ten minute facial in a private area of the counter or you can pay £15 to use the treatment room but that is redeemable against anything you buy.

Why not go along for a free facial! Have you used Origins products before? What do you think of them?

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Night-time routine

Like most people I have a separate evening skincare routine. Before I go to bed I like to take the day off my face completely, repair my skin's moisture overnight and try to prevent any nasty blemishes appearing. Occasionally I like to leave a hair mask on my hair overnight and fake tan before bed then wash them off in the morning.

Etat Pur Citric Acid, Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate, Skinetica Anti Blemish Liquid

These products are great for protecting the skin overnight and helping spots to clear up. I like to alternate between them as it would be too much product to use on my face all at once! The first is Etat Pur's Citric Acid concentrate. The main purpose of this product is to brighten the skin and restore radiance but the citric acid in it helps to clear up spots too! This is very concentrated and can only be applied in the evenings, I pop 4 drops on my face then follow with a moisturiser so my skin doesn't dry out and my spots have cleared up in the morning.

Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate is another favourite of mine. I have reviewed and posted about it so many times it doesn't need much description but this is an ideal product specifically for night time use. The next product is Skinetica, I received this in my goodie bag at the Birmingham Blogger Meet Up recently and had never heard of it before. I've done a bit of research on it and it seems to be a favourite among bloggers. I haven't been using it much so it hasn't made a huge difference to my skin - you need to use it twice daily to see the results - but once I incorporate into my routine hopefully my skin will be a lot clearer!

Hair and Body:
Vita Liberta Tinted Self Tan Gel, Bed Head 'Dumb Blonde' Leave-In Conditioner
Every now and then I like to apply fake tan. I find it a lot easier to put it on before bed then wash the layer of colour off in the morning rather than putting it on in the morning and getting tan all over my clothes. Recently I've been using this gel by Vita Liberta and love it. It's tinted so easy to see where you've applied and leaves a really healthy looking natural colour. I think the tinted colour has a bit of a red tinge to it so it's definitely better to wash it off!

Once a week I also cover my hair in a hair mask or leave in conditioner and wash it off in the morning. I've been using the Dumb Blonde leave-in conditioner by Bed Head and it makes my hair so silky and keeps the colour bright.

Clean & Clear spot treatment gel, Good Things Bright Eyes Cream, Nivea Soothe & Protect lip balm
I also like to cover my lips in lip balm every night and apply eye cream to keep them looking refreshed and heal any spots with my Clean & Clear gel. I haven't noticed much of a difference to the appearance of my eye area since using this Good Things cream but it has definitely made the skin around it a lot softer and smoother.

Do you use different products in the evenings? Have you tried any of these?

Monday, 4 March 2013

100 follower giveaway!

Hello! This month I reached my first milestone of hitting 100 followers on my little ol blog! I am very grateful to everyone who has followed me and so excited to carry on with it.

To celebrate and say thank you I am holding a giveaway to win a full size Benefit Porefessional pro balm worth £23.50! I was given a sample size bottle of this as a Christmas present and fell in love with it straight away. I was lucky enough to get another one and a bloggers meet up and decided to buy one for my giveaway prize as I know so many people can't live without it!

This giveaway will run for 3 weeks and close on 16th March. You must be following my blog via GFC to enter, I will be checking usernames and if you aren't following your entry will be disqualified!

Please leave me a comment and let me know if you've entered!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck! Lots of love xo

Nottingham Street Style #3

As part of my role as Fashion & Beauty Editor for my university's magazine I go out with some of the magazine writers and photograph people for our Street Style feature. Here are some of the fashionable people we snapped up recently.

Coats were a big thing recently with the chilly weather and I love all the ones the girls are wearing! From left to right the beige coat is from Next, the bright yellow one from River Island, the dark green from Zara and the parka is from Peacocks. I also love those studded Topshop leggings worn by Sarah on the bottom row.

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Sunday Update #2

Hello! I don't often post about lifestyle things or what I've been up to but Sundays are always a nice time to look back at the week and do little updates so I thought it would be nice to do one while I have the time this week. Apologies for the bad quality pictures in the collage, BlackBerry cameras are awful and I'm counting down the days til I can jump on the Instagram wagon (which is why I nabbed the first picture from my friend's Facebook!)...

So this week was one of my best friend's 21st birthdays, we all went out together on Friday night and I can't stop looking at the pictures of us on Facebook because in a few months we'll all be going our separate ways when uni finishes!

I also picked up two new books from a charity shop yesterday. I started reading Perks of Being a Wallflower last year and it took me months to read because I was so busy but now that I've finished it I want to get back into reading more! I got The Intimate Adventures of a London Call Girl by Belle de Jour and How to be Good by Nick Hornby. Started reading Adventures of a London Call Girl last night and WOW is it graphic. I had to stop reading it earlier because it was making me feel squeamish before I had dinner!

This week I also picked up L'Oreal Pastel Toning Conditioner from Boots for £5. I've always wanted to put pastel lilac shades in my hair and did a post about hair chalking recenty but that wasn't too successful as it frazzled my hair and only lasted a couple of hours so I'm going to use this to colour the ends. 

Aaaand finally I got my 120 words per minute shorthand certificate this week! I was so pleased to achieve this as it means I am at industry level and have gone above the shorthand speed journalists are required to get. My day was also brightened today when my Mum sent me this picture of my Dad & I when I came home from uni for the weekend a couple of weeks ago. Here we are "working hard in the garden" and if you squint hard enough you can see my pet chickens in the background!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend! Remember to enter my giveaway to win a Benefit Porefessional. xo

MotelRocks SS13: Wishlist & Discount Code

Good news, it was sunny yesterday! Spring is actually coming! In all honesty I was a bit disappointed as I have just bought myself a new coat from ASOS in the sale (reduced from £75 to £33) so I was hoping to embrace the chill a little bit longer but with the warm weather on it's way I though I would treat myself to some bits of MotelRocks with my 20% discount code. Here are some of my favourites from their website:

Aztec Playsuit £35, Paisley Dungarees £48, PU Skirt Dress, £58, Digital Print Skirt £30
Remember to use my discount code when ordering online for 20% off everything!

Have a good weekend and remember there's still plenty of time to enter my giveaway to win a Benefit Porefessional primer! xo

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