Thursday, 25 April 2013

Birthday Wishlist

Hello! With my birthday coming up next month (the 8th if you wondered) I decided to post a little wishlist of things. I'm mainly asking for money so I can afford to go on holiday and buy myself some little things. There are a few things I've had my eye on recently though...

Birthday Wishlist

I'd love a couple of nice bikinis to go on holiday with.

I spotted the Marc Jacobs watch online for just over £100, my friends and I usually club together and put £10 each for a friend's birthday so I'm hoping if I contribute a little we might have enough to get this. I love the neon pink colour.

I fell in love with the Kiehl's Perfect Strength Serum when I went in for a consultation recently, but at £37 a bottle I'd definitely need to save for it first! I have so many beauty products at the moment I've not put any on my wishlist but I will make an exception for a good daytime serum.

I've seen so many blog posts about ZARA bags and I never usually go into their store when I'm shopping but from all the posts I've seen their bags look great quality and would see me all the way through the end of uni and make great work bags (fingers crossed I get a job!). I love this cute UO zip up chain bag too which can be used as a clutch bag. It's a gorgeous colour perfect the summer!

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  1. I love those Zara bags,definitely on my list to buy next! I love Zara although sometimes you need to have a proper look around the shop. X


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