Sunday, 21 April 2013

Floral Republic is 5 months old!

Image from Google.

On the 15th of this month my blog turned 5 months old! I forgot to do a post on the day so I thought I'd take some time to acknowledge it today. In 5 months I've achieved 239 followers on my blog (I'd love to get to 250 by the end of the month!) and over 8,000 page views. I feel I've learnt a lot in these five months and can't wait to develop my blog even further. With the stress of uni work being my priority it is often difficult to find the time to blog but I've been dedicated this week to scheduling plenty of posts so I can keep my blog updated. The highlight of these five months have been the two blogger meet ups I've attended as it's so nice to spend the day with people with similar interests to you. Thank you to everyone who reads my blog and takes the time to comment and follow me. Hopefully my blog will progress even further for years to come!

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