Saturday, 13 April 2013

Mark Hill Split-End Repair Capsules

Being too poor/lazy to for a hair cut at the moment I'm trying to keep my hair in good condition for as long as possible! I recently tried these split-end repair capsules by Mark Hill and they've worked a treat!

What the packaging says.... "These miracle capsules helps repair split ends and protect hair from Heat, Chemical and Physical damage. Infused with extracts of vitamin E and silk proteins, these amazing capsules help strengthen and restore the hairs natural moisture levels."

The capsules look a bit like some sort of tablet you swallow with water but that aside I love the cute box and think the packaging is really nice.

 It says that for very thick hair you should use half a capsule on wet hair then the other half when its dry, and for finer hair just use half a capsule. I was a bit concerned about just using half a capsule as I thought if I left it lying around the liquid would get everywhere but luckily they have quite a thick consistency so nothing escapes from the capsule unless you squeeze it out! I could leave it on my desk and use the other half the next day.

I rubbed the tiniest amount through the ends of my hair when wet then smoothed a bit through the lengths. Once it was dried my hair was really soft and shiny and two days later it still looks really healthy and strong! The ends of my hair are in a lot better condition and I have less flyaways. If anyone suffers with damaged hair or split ends these are a great help!


  1. I like the fact it is little capsules xx

  2. Wow.. I've not seen or heard of these, what a great idea! I love that they work too :D xx
    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  3. I've never seen or heard of these! When I first read you only needed half I was thinking what if it leaks?! Hahah. My hair is super dry at the moment & these sound like they'd really help :) xxx

    1. I thought the exact same thing! Likely the liquid is very thick and only come out the capsule if you squeeze it so they don't splill everywhere if you put the capsule down :)

  4. These look so cool :), it was really nice to meet you yesterday btw. x

    A Scholar Life

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