Saturday, 20 April 2013

Smooch Lipstick Review: Inferno

Today's review is of a lipstick I got in my goodie bag from the Nottingham Bloggers Meet Up. It is by a brand called Smooch - a company I'd never heard of until now!

They launched in 2011 and based their concept on a drawer of lingerie - their idea was to create a saucy range of cosmetics in lacy packaging with fun and desirable colours. They have all sorts of different products for eyes, lips, face and nails! Their range of lipsticks cost £7.50 each and come in 18 different colours.

First thing to comment on is I love the cute packaging! I'm a sucker for anything with nice packaging and from reading their website it didn't seem like they were skimping on quality.

I was given the shade 'Inferno' a fiery orange colour. Admittedly I never wear orange and always stick to pick on my lips but thought it was worth trying for the review! 

At a first glance the lipstick looks very bright but when I swatched it on my lips and the back of my hand I saw it was actually a subtle, warm tone of orange so it would look great in the daytime without being too OTT.

The lipstick applied very smoothly and didn't dry my lips out at all. I still think the colour wasn't for me but that's purely because it didn't match my fair blonde hair! I think this shade would suit someone with tanned or olive skin a lot better. For £7.50 I think this a great quality lipstick and would love to try some of the different shades.

Smooch lipsticks are available here and you can get 25% off online when you spend £15 or more!


  1. I think this shade is beautiful on you! It would be great for a night out :)


  2. I've tried mine too but it's bright pink, I quite like the formula too :)


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