Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Bblonde Lightening Spray

I'm very lucky to have naturally blonde hair and I never colour it, but sometimes the colour can go a bit dull and need a bit of a lift! I've been using Bblonde Lightening Spray by Jerome Russell recently to help give it a sunkissed look.

Bblonde Lightening Spray is a permanent lightening spray that has an effect after three applications. It is a heat activated product with added thermal protection too (always a bonus as I'm useless at remembering to use heat protection spray!)

As the product is heat activated it's best to use it on wet hair before blow drying, and obviously the more heat it gets the lighter your hair will go, so if its a sunny day you can always put it on wet hair then sit out in the sun for a bit before blow drying!

I love using this spray as it makes my hair so soft and shiny and gives it a gorgeous sunkissed look without the hassle of dying it and having to worry about damaging my hair!

The spray costs around £5.99 and is available from most drug stores and supermarkets! Have you tried a lightening spray before?


  1. Sounds like an adult version of Sun-In xx


  2. Did this dry out your hair at all? :) I'm really thinking of buying it but afraid to mess with my natural colour! Thanks for sharing :

    would you like to follow each other? :) Let me know!

    1. No it didn't dry out my hair and the lightening wasn't too obvious it was very gradual and natural :)

  3. did you do the strand test as recommended?


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