Sunday, 7 July 2013

Real Techniques dupe Ebay brushes

Not so long ago I stumbled across these cheap makeup brushes on Ebay that were virtually identical to the Real Techniques ones. Although dubious about whether the quality would be as good I ordered myself a few of them.

Real Techniques dupe Ebay brush
Tapered brush £1.99

Real Techniques dupe Ebay brush
Flat brush £2.19

Real Techniques dupe Ebay brush
Angled brush £2.19

Admittedly I almost felt guilty for buying these as I'm such a fan of the Real Techniques brushes and they aren't really that expensive. I only have the Real Techniques expert face brush so wanted to give these a go. On the Ebay selling page there is no indication as to what type of brush they are, they are all just labelled with numbers and it is up to the images to help you decide. I ordered a tapered brush (similar to the Real Techniques setting brush), a flat one (like the Expert Face brush) and an angled brush (like the RT foundation brush)

Real Techniques dupe Ebay brush

In comparison to the Real Techniques brushes these are a little taller and have a different branding on the handles. They are still great quality for such cheap brushes. As they came from China delivery did take quite a while (it took about 12/13 days for mine to arrive) but apart from that I am really impressed with them!

You can buy about five different brushes from the range and also choose the handle colour (pink, blue, or bronze). If you are a lover of different make up brushes and are after some spares or just looking for a bargain I'd definitely recommend these! You can buy these particular brushes from Ebay here

Have you purchased any of these brushes yet or do you prefer the Real Techniques? What is your favourite Real Techniques brush?

Natalie x


  1. How funny I bought one of these the other day to give it a whirl!

  2. These look great i will have to try them out! :)

    Kerry x

  3. I'm going to buy some of these haha - such a copy but they seem ok! xx

    1. I know I almost feel like I'm cheating on Real Techniques! :P xx


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