Friday, 30 August 2013

Soap & Glory The Firminator arm firming & toning treatment

The Firminator is a targeted firming and toning lotion for the arm area. With salicylic acid, smooth capsules, caffeine, kukui nut oil, elasticboost-a (yes, apparantly it's a real thing) and french algae complex it helps to revive the skin and improve it's tone, texture and appearance while helping to firm up arms.

This lotion takes away the time you spend scrubbing and exfoliating your arms in the shower! Just squeeze a tiny grape sized amount into your hands and rub it into your arms. There are tiny little beads in the lotion that dissolve as you massage them in.

This has improved the appearance of my arms, particularly the lumps and bumps on my upper arms, drastically and helped them to feel more toned. It doesn't firm as much as other products bust used in conjunction with specific arm exercises it can really make a difference. It goes without saying that the only thing that is really going to get rid of bingo wings is exercise, but to smooth out the appearance of skin this is an amazing product for your arms!

Soap & Glory The Firminator costs £11.39 for 125ml. Available at Boots.


  1. I get loads of red bumps on my arms every so often, might give this one a go! Danielle x

  2. This sounds awesome! I hate those little arm bumps so much, I need to try this out :)



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