Sunday, 2 February 2014

I'm an Access all Asos Insider!

A while ago I applied to be a part of Access all ASOS and at the end of January and at the end of January I got a very exciting email to say I had been accepted, yay!

If you haven't heard of Access all ASOS it is a group of 'insiders' who will be the first to know about new launches & collections and will have the opportunity to be invited to ASOS HQ for special events! I am over the moon to be accepted, I have been reading some other insiders' blog posts about the events they have been to and it looks so much fun! I am a huge fan of ASOS and am so pleased to be a part of Access all ASOS.

As a welcome, ASOS kindly sent all new insiders a little package in the post. I got this lovely notebook, socks and a fortune cookie. You can tell the people at ASOS HQ have really done their research and gone to a lot of effort as all the insiders received personalised notes, which I thought was a lovely touch!

Congratulations to everyone that was accepted, I can't wait to get started! You can apply for Access all ASOS here

1 comment:

  1. that's such a cute notebook! congrats on being accepted:) i literally couldn't believe it when i received the email!

    love Katy @ THE RAWRDROBE


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