Thursday, 17 April 2014

Sleep In Rollers Review

The world and his wife know about and have probably used Sleep In Rollers by now, and I am a little overdue with my review but I thought it was time I gave my thoughts on them. Sleep In Rollers are velcro rollers made of a soft material that flatten like a sponge so you can sleep in them overnight and wake up to wavy, bouncy hair.

I picked up this set of 20 blonde rollers (£17.95) that come with a free drawstring bag to store them in. There are loads of different option when it comes to Sleep In Rollers. You can get them in pink, blonde, brunette or black (to be honest the colour doesn't make much of a difference to me as you're going to be sleeping in them anyway!) and you can get them in different sized packs with the options of gift sets including pins, a how-to DVD, hair clips etc - the possibilities are endless! There are also smaller rollers for short hair and fringes and larger rollers to give extra bounce.

Now, on to the real question - can you actually sleep in them? The company claims that the rollers let you sleep in comfort but on two occassions I have tried to go to bed wearing them and have had to move them around afterwards to be able to let me lie flat and in the end I ended up taking them out halfway through the night. Having said that, they still make my hair voluminous and wavy and I now use them on my hair after I've blowdried it and before I go out in the evenings. They're certainly comfortable enough to put in your hair and leave in while you're getting ready and stay in place perfectly. Beforehand I was using some velcro rollers by Charles Worthington but they were really hard and never stayed in so I now use these in place of my normal rollers.

Have you tried Sleep in Rollers before? What do you think of  them?

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